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Ladder Safety (for Manufacturing)

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In this course, you will learn about the basics of working safely when using ladders. This covers the main steps of ladder safety, such as choosing a ladder, checking the ladder for damages, setting it up or positioning it correctly, and finally climbing the ladder.

Ladder Safety (for Manufacturing) Lessons

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  1. Choosing the right ladder
  2. Inspection and Setup
  3. Guidelines for Safe Ladder Use

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Ladder Safety (for Manufacturing) course excerpts

Choosing the right ladder

Ladder Safety (for Manufacturing) Course - Lesson Excerpt

Choosing the right ladder

Ladders are one of the many equipment that we use every day in manufacturing.

It is handy to use ladders with different tasks since they can be carried easily, transported, and are mostly adjustable to suit our needs. Even though they help make our jobs easier, they can still be a safety hazard.

Two of the most common injuries in manufacturing are slips and falls.

In order to prevent this, you can take steps to protect yourself and others from ladder-related injuries.

Which of these two ladders do you use more often?

Which of these two ladders do you use more often?

Which of the following are the main aspects that you should consider when choosing the best ladder to use?

Before we continue, let's establish our baseline.

Inspection and Setup

Ladder Safety (for Manufacturing) Course - Lesson Excerpt

Inspection and Setup

A qualified and trained personnel must inspect ladders to check for damages before each use.

An improper use of a ladder might compromise its quality.

It is not safe to use a ladder with compromised integrity.

When do we inspect ladders? The moment you receive them. 2. Before using it. 3. Dropped or ladders that fell must be checked before using it again. 4. Before storage.

Try and guess which of the following should be done after inspection. You can choose more than one answer

You are about to watch videos on setting up a stepladder and an extension ladder on the following slides. Make sure that you are in a comfortable setting to watch and listen to a video.

Guidelines for Safe Ladder Use

Ladder Safety (for Manufacturing) Course - Lesson Excerpt

Guidelines for Safe Ladder Use

Using a ladder properly is the primary thing that ensures your safety.

Haste, sudden movement, distractions, damaged ladder, user's physical condition, and footwear are the most common factors that result in slips or falls.

Improper posture causing the user's clumsiness could result in a fall.

Face the ladder when climbing up or down.

3-point contact Have two hands and one foot, or...

3-point contact ... two feet and one hand on the ladder at all times.

Avoiding Hazards Read and follow the instructions on the label. DO NOT try to move a ladder while on it. The fly section of an extension ladder must be completely retracted before moving or repositioning it. DO NOT use boards or boxes to give a ladder extra height. Only one person should climb a ladder unless designed to support more. Never use a ladder on scaffolding. DO NOT lean an extension ladder against boxes or any other unstable surface. DO NOT connect two ladders to each other. Never leave a ladder unattended. Never climb a ladder when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Never use a ladder for anything other than its intended purpose. Never allow children to climb a ladder.

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Which of these two ladders do you use more often?
Which of these two ladders do you use more often?
Ladder Safety (for Manufacturing)


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