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Introduction to Uncovering Value

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Discover the importance of selling value over price and how to effectively guide customers in finding value through high-impact questions.

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  1. Focusing on Value
  2. Finding Value through High Impact Questions

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Introduction to Uncovering Value course excerpts

Focusing on Value

Introduction to Uncovering Value Course - Lesson Excerpt

** Focusing on Value**

** Value Selling Takes Time** When a prospective customer approaches you only to to say that your prices are "too" high, it shows that they're not seeing the value of it. Value selling is a long relationship that addresses not just the immediate problems and needs of a customer. Customers are much more likely to develop trust in you and your solution if you spend time selling value rather than price or features.

How to Focus on Value

Finding Value through High Impact Questions

Introduction to Uncovering Value Course - Lesson Excerpt

Finding Value Through High Impact Questions

Let's say you've been selling Product A and a customer asks you to sell it to her at a lower price. What do you do?

** 4. Impact** "What impact do these issues have on your business?" "How does that impact you, your team, your profit margins or your customers?" "What is the biggest impact which these issues have brought to you?" Questions like these tend to trigger the emotional side of the customer's mind in needing solutions to address these. Remember that emotion hugely influences all purchasing decisions.

Which response can help you and your customer arrive in a solution for their problem, issues, and concerns? Select the two that apply.

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Introduction to Uncovering Value


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