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How to Demonstrate a 'Can Do' Attitude

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About this course

Understand how having a 'can-do' attitude affects high-performance managers.

How to Demonstrate a 'Can Do' Attitude Lessons

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  1. Introduction
  2. Tackle Ambiguous Problems
  3. Diffuse Frustration
  4. Be Positive
  5. Learn & Practice

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How to Demonstrate a 'Can Do' Attitude course excerpts


Introducing the course

How to Demonstrate a 'Can Do' Attitude Course - Lesson Excerpt

With the right attitude,​ you can do just about anything

What is a 'Can Do' Attitude?

When faced with a complex situation

You take action

Because you believe success is possible if you keep trying

Tackle Ambiguous Problems

Understanding the correct methods to tackle complex and ambiguous problems

How to Demonstrate a 'Can Do' Attitude Course - Lesson Excerpt

How to Manage Complex and Ambiguous Situations

Break it down into smaller components

Systematically think through each component

Ambiguity What are ways to build a tolerance for​ ambiguity?

Diffuse Frustration

Demonstrating the effect of frustration and how to diffuse it

How to Demonstrate a 'Can Do' Attitude Course - Lesson Excerpt

How to Successfully​ Wither Frustration

Frustration usually occurs when you feel stuck or unable to move forward.

What are the Effects of Frustration? Next slide to find out!


Dealing with Frustrating Situations What to do?

Try to be more flexible and open to other's suggestions.

Monitor your emotions including signs that you're about to lose your composure.

Excuse yourself from the situation and return after your emotions have cooled.

Be Positive

Presenting the importance of positive thinking in the workplace.

How to Demonstrate a 'Can Do' Attitude Course - Lesson Excerpt

Positive Attitudes Achieve Positive Results

Negative thinking: The more you give in to your negative thoughts, the stronger they become.

Positive thinking: The psychological benefits of positive thinking tend to reinforce its physical benefits.

Encourage Positivity Learn how to turn negative thinking into positive thinking.

Be open to humor: Use humor to defuse tense situations.

Visualize your success: Visualizing is one way of keeping your mind on the prize.

Believe in yourself: Believing in your self-worth is essential to moving forward.

What are the attributes is this statement emphasizing on?

Learn & Practice

Displaying practices that encourage positive attitude.

How to Demonstrate a 'Can Do' Attitude Course - Lesson Excerpt

Can Do Attitude With the right mindset, you can mold your life to what you want it to be.

The 4 'Whats' Think about how you handled complex and frustrating situations in the past.

What were your initial thoughts and feelings?

What did you do that helped?

What did you do that was less effective?

What approach can be most helpful now?

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How to Demonstrate a 'Can Do' Attitude


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Course rating

It's very interesting. Short and attractive learning.

Biggest issues: spelling and grammar, incorrect answers, and presentation (the white text is difficult to read on some brightly colored slides). Content is okay, but the issues are distracting.

It was good, but a bit practical examples would help

frustrations in the current era and so many changes and circumstances that have lead to negativity but' can do attitude', one understands a wide range of steps to deal with 'can not do attitude'.

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