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How to be a Team Player

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About this course

Understand why high-performance managers should value teamwork.

How to be a Team Player Lessons

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  1. Introduction
  2. Understand Your Team's Perspective
  3. Openly Voice your Concerns
  4. Manage Conflicts as a Team
  5. Learn & Practice

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How to be a Team Player course excerpts


Introducing the course

How to be a Team Player Course - Lesson Excerpt

Efficient teamwork removes barriers.

Teamwork makes the dream work.


Understand Your Team's Perspective

Demonstrating why leaders should provide their team with assistance when needed.

How to be a Team Player Course - Lesson Excerpt

How to understand other's perspective

A team performs their best when each member has clear responsibilities.


Ask your team questions to better understand their perspective.

Three major questions

What are you working on? Describes the work to be done

Why are you working on it? The purpose behind the work

How is it going to have an impact?

Which three are the major questions to ask?

Openly Voice your Concerns

Displaying the importance of being honest when voicing concerns, yet remain constructive.

How to be a Team Player Course - Lesson Excerpt

How To Openly Express Your Concerns​ Constructively

Does this video represent constrictive honesty?

Manage Conflicts as a Team

Understanding how leaders should take decisions as a team.

How to be a Team Player Course - Lesson Excerpt

Manage conflicts as a Team

People perform better in teams because their diverse perspectives have a multiplying effect.


Learn & Practice

This lesson will display practices that encourage teamwork.

How to be a Team Player Course - Lesson Excerpt

Practice How to Become a Team Player

Ask your team members and outsiders for feedback on:

Your team's behavior and suggest ways to improve it

Your performance in a team meeting

Teamwork makes you push the team to accomplish a common goal.

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How to be a Team Player


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