Hazard Communication

A lesson on Chemical Safety in the workplace

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You have a legal right to know about chemical hazards and protection in your workplace. This course will highlight the different types of chemical hazards and the obligations that both chemical manufacturers and employers have to ensure they are used safely. After this course you will be able to identify both the physical hazards and health hazards that can occur from chemicals in the workplace. EdApp's short bite-sized course will ensure that the training is interactive and informative to enhance your learning experience.

What you'll learn with "Hazard Communication" course

  • Different types of chemical hazards
  • Chemical Manufacturers Obligations
  • Employers Obligations
  • Chemical Labels and Safety Data Sheets

"Hazard Communication" Content

  • Hazard Communication

    A course focussed on understanding Chemical Safety and Hazard Communication

    Lesson Excerpts

    • Swipe up to learn more about the types of chemical hazards.

      Swipe up to learn more about the types of chemical hazards.
    • True or false?

    • Match the image to the word

"Hazard Communication" Author

Max Lukins

Selected Review

"I really enjoyed the Hazard Communication course. It was highly informative and it was great that it had games after each segment as it then helped to reinforce what you had just learned."

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