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Handling Objections with Emotional Intelligence

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About this course

Emotional intelligence means being aware and in control of our emotions, which can be challenging to do in uncomfortable situations. In this course, you'll learn how to manage different situations using different skills such as active listening, using body language and managing your emotions.

From the author

Objections must be handled with emotional intelligence for the most effective and least damaging outcome. We know the office politics can sometimes get in the way of what we set out to achieve at work, which is why your emotional intelligence skills must be up to scratch. Look no further than this 5-part emotional intelligence course to provide you with the essential skills to handle any objection that comes your way.

What you will learn

  • What is Active Listening?
  • What your (Body) Language
  • Taking Feedback like a Pro
  • Resolving Conflict without Hurt Feelings
  • Emotional Intelligence at Work

Handling Objections with Emotional Intelligence Lessons

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  1. What is Active Listening?
  2. Watch your (Body) Language
  3. Resolving Conflict without Hurt Feelings
  4. Taking feedback like a pro
  5. Lesson Review

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Handling Objections with Emotional Intelligence course excerpts

What is Active Listening?

The key to handling objections is better listening! Learn about the basics of active listening in this lesson.

Handling Objections with Emotional Intelligence Course - Lesson Excerpt

What skills do we need to become active listeners? Select all of the correct answers.

** 1. Give your full attention** Give the speaker your full attention by putting your awareness and empathy skills to good use. Cut out distractions, make eye contact, and be present while the other person speaks. Allow them to finish speaking without any interruptions.

** 2. Reflect** When the speaker is done, carefully consider what has been said without offering an opinion or solution. Paraphrase what the speaker has said. This makes sure you’re not making any assumptions on your understanding and shows the other person that you’re listening.

Clarify Once you’re comfortable that you and the speaker are on the same page, ask open-ended questions based on what you’ve learned. This will encourage the conversation to continue. It will clarify any questions you have and it also leads to more thoughtful and meaningful conversations.

Share When you’ve taken the steps to fully understand the other person’s perspective, you can share your own ideas, feelings and suggestions.

Resolving Conflict without Hurt Feelings

Learn how to resolve conflicts without taking things personally.

Handling Objections with Emotional Intelligence Course - Lesson Excerpt

What is the first thing you should do when a conflict arises?

Taking feedback like a pro

How do we make use of feedback? Learn how to develop and grow from feedback, and how you can use it to advance your career.

Handling Objections with Emotional Intelligence Course - Lesson Excerpt

How can we use constructive feedback to help us succeed? Feedback is data, and the more data you collect, the greater the chance you'll discover a pattern in your work performance that might be limiting your potential. It answers, what could I be doing better? Constructive feedback can give you new ideas on how to do something and could change the way you work. It answers, how can I change the way I work? For example: My teammates need to receive project communication in a more timely manner. I can create a project schedule to follow that will identify the days I need to send project communication.

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Handling Objections with Emotional Intelligence


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