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Generating Leads Through Cold Calls

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From exploring the importance of sales leads and cold calls to the structures of an effective cold call, this course covers what you need to know in order to fully utilize cold calling in order to generate more leads for your business.

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  1. Cold Calls and Leads
  2. Anatomy of an Effective Cold Call
  3. Mastering Cold Calls to Gain Leads

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Generating Leads Through Cold Calls course excerpts

Cold Calls and Leads

Generating Leads Through Cold Calls Course - Lesson Excerpt

Cold Calls and Leads

Anatomy of an Effective Cold Call

Generating Leads Through Cold Calls Course - Lesson Excerpt

Anatomy of an Effective Cold Call

The Opener Openers, or an introduction is the first part of the call that we'll cover in this lesson. During cold calls, introductions are important because they are your only opportunity to make a first impression. During this part of the call, keep in mind that being inquisitive and courteous at the same time is important. Here's a good example of a good opener once you've reached your contact: "Hello (Customer), I'm (your name), calling from Example Solutions, an SAP Platinum Partner. Do you recall receiving an email from me about digital transformation in the manufacturing industry?" (Pause for confirmation) Try to keep things concise and reference the marketing material that the prospect received from us. In that way, the call is not entirely "cold". Avoid giving out too much information during this part of the call as it can overwhelm the prospect, which can lead them to brush you off or tell you that they are not interested.

What is the quick pitch in a cold call?

Your Product's Benefits Going over your product benefits is the fifth vital part of your cold calling script. This is your chance to show the prospect why you’re a good fit but it also needs to be handled carefully. If you get into them too early, the prospect might feel that you are too “pitchy". Try to actively listen for the perfect place to insert benefits. If a prospect is telling you about their pain points you can write them down and then link that back to what your product or service can alleviate. It's best done during the middle of the call. If you come in late with product benefits, your prospect could feel as though you’ve wasted their time by not listening to their concerns or prescribing the wrong solution. Here’s an example of an organically inserted benefits into a cold call: "So I heard you mention that your current manufacturing data system has a hard keeping updated. With our more agile one, you won’t have the worry of not being able to update them manually from your data books."

Mastering Cold Calls to Gain Leads

Generating Leads Through Cold Calls Course - Lesson Excerpt

**Mastering Cold Calls to Gain Leads **

**Be professional, but stay curious. ** Being curious means that you're observant and interested in your prospect's reactions. Remember that you are not simply calling the prospect to sell, but build a meaningful relationship. It takes time and effort to build a meaningful relationship and that they can quickly fall apart. Keep in mind that meaningful relationships are built around making your prospect feel important. If the prospect does not want to build a relationship right now, respect their decision and give them some time -- then build your relationship later.

**Rejection is an illusion. **

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Generating Leads Through Cold Calls


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