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Understand the key aspects of gender bias and why it is important.

From the author:In reality, gender bias still exists, despite our ongoing progression. This is why it is crucial to continue educating and raising awarness of gender bias and inequality in the workplace to make a significant difference. The course provides an insightful lesson to learners, enabling them to view the challenges we face, how to grapple with these, and how to take action. You will be able to explore the key concepts and skills you need to adopt for the formulation of a drive to reach gender equality in the workplace.

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  1. Gender Bias in the Workplace

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  • Gender Bias in the Workplace

Gender Bias course excerpts

Gender Bias in the Workplace

Take this lesson to expand your knowledge on workplace gender bias.
Gender Bias Course - Lesson Excerpt

What is ** Gender Bias**?

Gender Bias in the Workplace

Gender bias is the unconscious (or implicit) bias of preferring one gender over another. This can manifest in obvious and subtle ways.

Gender Bias in the Workplace

This happens from attitudes and stereotypes that are sometimes systemic and out of an individual's control.

Gender Bias in the Workplace

Our job in reaching equality and equity is to combat these biases any way we can.

Gender Bias in the Workplace

Be an ally No matter your gender, you can be an ally to other women and non-binary groups by sticking up for them in meetings, conversation or in social settings by making gender bias discussable.

Gender Bias in the Workplace

Have a clear policy If you don't have a policy addressing bias at your company, make one. There needs to be an avenue where discrimination can be reported safely and your company should be clearly aware of and against gender bias.

Gender Bias in the Workplace

Destigmatize parental leave For all genders, parental leave is a right. Parents are not less dedicated to their company for spending the first weeks with their newborn or adopted baby.

Gender Bias in the Workplace

Who can help?

Gender Bias in the Workplace

UN Women The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) is the UN's agency dedicated solely to gender equity and equality.

Gender Bias in the Workplace

Equality Now Equality Now uses existing laws and legal advocacy to protect and promote the human rights of women.

Gender Bias in the Workplace

Gender at Work Gender at Work is an international feminist knowledge organisation that partners up with researchers and activists to address inequality structures.

Gender Bias in the Workplace

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