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This course focuses on helping leaders prepare for the future of leadership, breaking down silos within the organization, leading with agility and fostering a digital mindset for future success.

Future Ready Leadership Lessons

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  1. Becoming Future-Ready
  2. Winning with Agility
  3. Fostering a Digital Mindset for Future Success

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Future Ready Leadership course excerpts

Becoming Future-Ready

This lesson aims to equip leaders to propel through disruptions faced in the ever-changing world of business and leadership.

Future Ready Leadership Course - Lesson Excerpt

** Becoming Future-Ready **

** Intelligent Automation at Works** Think about driving to a different city. Did a navigation app guide you through your trip and decide fo you which way to go? How about the third news article you might've read today? Was it a conscious decision or an automatic and personalized recommendation just for you? If you find yourself in a hospital with a pressing need for a prognosis, which would you prefer? A doctor who has been up for the last 14 hours and completed three operations, or an algorithm that never sleeps?

Winning with Agility

Discover ways on how to apply best practices in being agile for future success in leadership and business.

Future Ready Leadership Course - Lesson Excerpt

** Winning with Agility**

A peek into the future Based on the research done by International Data Corporation

The future of work is about rethinking the way work gets done.1

Technology itself does not make businesses change and succeed. The real key is how adroitly your business use that technology.

Are agile organizations still hierarchical?

Fostering a Digital Mindset for Future Success

This lesson focuses on helping leaders make the shift for growth through fostering a digital mindset for future success in both leadership and business.

Future Ready Leadership Course - Lesson Excerpt

** Fostering a Digital Mindset for Future Success**

** 4. Everyone is an Innovator** One good example of this is how Microsoft used Hackathons in emphasizing learning, creativity, and innovation. This is where employees comes up with a business or societal merit (a hack), form teams to develop the business plan, build the prototype, and pitch it to the rest of the company. Winning teams receive funding to help them complete their projects. This strategy allows Microsoft to benefit from early talent identification and development while also providing opportunities for everyone to grow.3

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Future Ready Leadership


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