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From Startup to Success

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How to scale your small business.

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  1. Author's Note
  2. Scale vs. Growth
  3. The Ideal Customer
  4. The Customer Connection
  5. Organize for Scale
  6. Sustaining your Scale

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From Startup to Success course excerpts

Author's Note

Chapter 1

From Startup to Success Course - Lesson Excerpt

After 21 years as an employee-consultant, my entrepreneurial journey began in 2017 when I registered by business consulting startup in the UK.

When we started having clients across Europe, Middle-East, and Asia, I felt the need to do business differently... ...I felt the need to scale.

Hello I'm Khalid Said your coach & companion for this course.

I'm a LEAN Consultant and Business Coach having delivered successful LEAN programs around the world. I'm the Managing Director of Lean Vision Ltd. UK, and a Senior LEAN Consultant at IMIG International.

In this course, I'll share some of my personal experiences on how to scale your small business along with the modern mindset you must adopt to thrive in the new economy. Let's get started!

Scale vs. Growth

Chapter 2

From Startup to Success Course - Lesson Excerpt

Scaling Building Blocks To prepare yourself to scale, consider these "must haves"...

Healthy Cash Flow Scaling is an investment that needs funding. But with scaling, you are making smart investments with big returns.

Systems & Processes Ensure your systems and processes are in place to handle increase in customer. There's nothing worse than being successful at getting more customers only to lose them at the same time due to poor business process.

Technology Tech tools automates internal and external activities, thus accelerating your scale.

Skills Ensure your organization is equipped with the skills in these 3 essential functions: ** Strategic Marketing** ** Customer Experience** Product Development These skills are critical for acquiring and keeping customers.

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From Startup to Success

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