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This 'Fall Protection' course provides all the essential information needed to understand the implications of falling on-site, touching on managing risks from falls, and working with scaffolding.

The multi-part course aims to educate learners on general safety and how to avoid injury, ensuring a safe and prepared workforce.

What you'll learn with "Fall Protection" course

  • Managing Risks from Falls
  • Working with Scaffolding

"Fall Protection" Content

  • Managing Risks from Falls

    Lesson Excerpts

    • Guard Rails

      Guard Rails
    • Always read the Safe Work Method Statement before starting any task.

    • Find alternatives to working from a height

  • Working with Scaffolding

    Lesson Excerpts

    • Wheels of mobile scaffolds are securely locked Handrails, mid rails and toe boards at every edge to prevent people and objects falling Guards provided to prevent stacked materials such as bricks from falling from the scaffolds Working platforms fully planked, and are arranged in a way to avoid slipping ot tripping Is it designed to support the weight of workers, materials, tools, and equipment. Always check the Safe Working Load capacity beforehand. The mobile scaffold is kept well clear of powerlines, open floor edges and penetrations.

    • True or False?

    • If the scaffold height is expected to be more than three times the base dimension, then outriggers must be fitted at 45 degrees.

  • Fall Restraint Systems

    Lesson Excerpts

  • Fall Arrest Systems

    Lesson Excerpts

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"The Fall Protection course really opened my eyes to the potential dangers and risks of falls on the site. It uses great imagery and content, and I would definitely recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

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