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Evacuation Plan

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Use this course as a template for your company's evacuation plan.

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There are different reasons that you may need to evacuate but in the event that you do, it can often be a stressful time, hence why you put in place an evacuation plan and we're here to help. EdApp has put together an interactive template for you to deliver your own evacuation plan to your employees. The course will cover the different conditions in which an evacuation will occur and what your plan is for each situation, routes to take and the roles employees have during an evacuation. EdApp's bite-sized lessons create an engaging learning experience that are proven to increase completion rates and retention.

What you will learn

  • Evacuation Conditions
  • Routes and Floorplan
  • Employee Evacuation Roles

Evacuation Plan Lessons

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  1. Evacuation Conditions
  2. Routes and Floorplan
  3. Employee Evacuation Roles

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Evacuation Plan course excerpts

Evacuation Conditions

There are specific plans for different conditions in which to evacuate. Learn them and memorize them using this lesson as a supplement to your company's training materials.

Evacuation Plan Course - Lesson Excerpt

Conditions for Evacuation

There are many reasons for evacuation, and in a lot of cases it can be a stressful time that requires everyone to have a level-headed response. For this reason we have evacuation plans that you will have to learn.

These emergencies could be any of the following: Hurricanes Tornadoes Earthquakes Floods Fires Explosions

INSERT COMPANY PLAN IN CASE OF FIRE HERE Insert Step 1 Insert Step 2 Insert Step 3 Insert Step 4 Insert Step 5

INSERT PLAN IN CASE OF NATURAL DISASTER HERE Insert Step 1 Insert Step 2 Insert Step 3 Insert Step 4 Insert Step 5

INSERT PLAN IN CASE OF CHEMICAL ACCIDENT HERE Insert Step 1 Insert Step 2 Insert Step 3 Insert Step 4 Insert Step 5

INSERT PLAN IN CASE OF WORKPLACE VIOLENCE HERE Insert Step 1 Insert Step 2 Insert Step 3 Insert Step 4 Insert Step 5

Routes and Floorplan

We have a specific plan in terms of routes to take on the job site. Use this lesson as a reference to learn the route to take in case of evacuation.

Evacuation Plan Course - Lesson Excerpt

Routes and Floorplan

It's important to make yourself familiar with our evacuation plan in case of an emergency. Remember, the exit signs will be clearly lit, but that is not a replacement for knowing what to do if the time comes to evacuate.

Employee Evacuation Roles

Everyone has a specific role to take when evacuation is necessary. Learn yours so you can best serve your team when it's needed.

Evacuation Plan Course - Lesson Excerpt

Employee Evacuation Roles

To make sure evacuation plans go as smoothly as possible, it is necessary to know your responsibilities. When an emergency happen everyone has a role to play, and they are all important in evading danger.

Employee Responsibilities Know the sound of the fire alarm. Know who to reach out to in case of an emergency. Know the layout of the floor plan and routes to exits. This also is necessary if for some reason electricity goes out and/or they lose vision of the room. Know where the fire alarm and extinguishers are and when to use them. Report any safety concerns immediately.

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Evacuation Plan


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