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Equal Employment Opportunity

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This Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) course allows learners to determine unethical activities taking place in the workplace and what they can do about it.

Equal Employment Opportunity Lessons

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  1. What is Equal Employment Opportunity?
  2. Workplace Discrimination
  3. Workplace Harassment
  4. Workplace Violence
  5. Conducting an Investigation

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Equal Employment Opportunity course excerpts

What is Equal Employment Opportunity?

Equal Employment Opportunity Course - Lesson Excerpt

What is Equal Employment Opportunity? Treating everyone fairly and respectfully.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) policies deem discrimination of employees based on religion, gender, sex, pregnancy status, sexual orientation, nationality, age, genetic information or disability illegal.

In the United States, employers with at least 15 employees are covered by these laws. This policy applies to hiring, firing, promotions, harassment, training, wages and benefits. EEO's main principle is to consider that everybody has the right to be treated fairly and with respect.

Discrimination generally refers to choices made by an employer based on a protected characteristic such as...

Race Protects groups of employees defined by their race, including colour and or nationality.

Age Employees and employers should not discriminate anyone no matter what their generation is.

Disability The Equality act 2010 defines a disabled person as someone with a physical or mental injury. Employers must make appropriate modifications under the law to eliminate barriers caused by a disability.

Gender and Sexual Orientation The act protects individuals from prejudice based on any gender representation or their sexual preferences.

Pregnancy and Maternity Spans from the period of pregnancy, birth and the period of maternity leave. It’s unlawful to take into account periods where they were off sick due to pregnancy-related illnesses.

Religion or Belief Includes individuals or groups with certain religious or philosophical belief as well as lack thereof. Employers need to be consistent especially with religious holiday requests to avoid allegations of discrimination.

** Marriage or civil partnership** This can be either between a man and a woman or between members of the same gender.

Which of the following are categories under protected characteristics?

Workplace Discrimination

Equal Employment Opportunity Course - Lesson Excerpt

Workplace Discrimination Identify its many forms.

Handling someone differently because they have different characteristics than other staff members unlawfully leads to discrimination.

As an employer and employee, being proactive in preventing discrimination can help you stay on the right side of the law.

Forms of Discrimination Retaliation When an employer takes adverse action against an employee who's filed a complaint of discrimination as a form of "payback". It can be any of the following forms: Demoting the employee or salary deduction. Writing a negative evaluation of the employee. Denying a promotion who is otherwise qualified. Threatening an employee if a complaint is not withdrawn.

Which can be a form of retaliation?

Workplace Harassment

Equal Employment Opportunity Course - Lesson Excerpt

Workplace Harassment Seeing the pattern.

Harassment involves a pattern of behaviour in the workplace that causes an individual to feel uncomfortable, unaccepted, or intimidated.

It can be through words or action and has an effect of creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment.

Workplace Violence

Equal Employment Opportunity Course - Lesson Excerpt

Workplace Violence

Violence can happen within or outside the workplace

It can differ differing from threats and verbal harassment to physical attacks and homicide.

Which is why it's one of the leading causes of work-related deaths.

Spotting Signs of Possible Workplace Violence Employers should be aware of potential warning signs for they can either gradually develop over time or it can happen suddenly. 1.Displays contempt for other workers 2. Shows signs of mental instability 3. Extreme mood swings, paranoia, depression or suicidal thoughts 4. Believes there are unfulfilled promises, i.e. waiting for a promotion or a raise that hasn’t happened


How to deal with an agitated person

Interrupt firmly but politely.

2.Focus on the person and speak slowly and simply.

Encourage them to talk and use silence as a calming tool.

Do not glare or stare nor pose a challenging stance.

Tell the person that you will either ask him or her to leave or that you will leave off-site if this persists.

Remember that getting out of the situation is your highest priority.

Conducting an Investigation

Equal Employment Opportunity Course - Lesson Excerpt

Conducting an Investigation

Investigation can be triggered as a result of a report or complaint.

Being a victim or a harasser has no gender and no face.

This is why a proper investigation is necessary to identify and address complaints raised.

Components of a Good Report Well explained intent and methodology. 2. Summarized allegations. 3. Analysis of evidences. 4. Clear report of facts.

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Equal Employment Opportunity


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