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Emerging Leadership Styles

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About this course

This course help leaders identify contemporary leadership styles which suit them in order to meet the needs of their organization.

Emerging Leadership Styles Lessons

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  1. Leaders: Born or Made?
  2. Transactional Leadership
  3. Transformative Leadership
  4. Visionary Leadership

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Emerging Leadership Styles course excerpts

Leaders: Born or Made?

Discover your personal leadership style.

Emerging Leadership Styles Course - Lesson Excerpt

Leaders: Born or Made?

**Development of Leadership ** A study published in The Leadership Quarterly1 showed that... ...leadership is 24% genetic and 76% is a result of life experiences . This data just shows how important leadership development is in honing one's innate ability to be a great leader.

** How to Figure Out What Type of Leader You Are**

Transactional Leadership

Maximise the potential of using transactional leadership to drive team success.

Emerging Leadership Styles Course - Lesson Excerpt

Transactional Leadership

** "When placed in command, take charge." 1 **

**3 Assumptions under Transactional Leadership **2

Which of these are Transactional Leader Qualities?

Transformative Leadership

Develop positive habits for transformative leadership.

Emerging Leadership Styles Course - Lesson Excerpt

Transformative Leadership

Transformative Leaders Are Like Superheroes Just like superheroes, transformative leaders are optimistic about making a change for the better. They accomplish noteworthy things that drive fundamental change for the betterment of their organization. This type of leadership prioritized group progress, emphasizes motivation and inspiration... ... shaping leaders to be bold, creative, and powerful.

Bernard Bass' Four Capabilities for Transformative Leadership

** 5. Lead with Humility**

Model Contagious Behaviours Modelling behaviours that you want to see in others will make them follow suit. Transformational leaders are recognized for their contagious bold, imaginative, and powerful behaviours, such as: 4 Seizing opportunities as they present themselves Setting an example for continuous self-improvement Recognizing and appreciating the contributions of others Seeking and providing feedback

Visionary Leadership

Have a vision for your team.

Emerging Leadership Styles Course - Lesson Excerpt

Visionary Leadership

** The Path to Becoming a Visionary Leader** 2

Skills of Visionary Leaders

The Visionary Leader on Inspiring Others

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Emerging Leadership Styles


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