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Email Campaigns and Strategies

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About this course

Email has been an indispensable tool in Sales and Marketing Campaigns for decades now. This course covers some facets of a successful email marketing campaign.

Email Campaigns and Strategies Lessons

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  1. Email As A Marketing Tool
  2. Writing Emails That Work
  3. Managing The Email List
  4. Email Personalization

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Email Campaigns and Strategies course excerpts

Email As A Marketing Tool

In this lesson, we’re going to run through the many reasons why email is an excellent channel for your marketing campaigns.

Email Campaigns and Strategies Course - Lesson Excerpt

Email Marketing

Email has been in use as a sales and marketing tool for decades now. It has changed a lot with technology and with the coming of the smartphone age, it is still evolving.

In this lesson, we’re going to run through the many reasons why email remains to be one of the best channels for our marketing campaigns.

You have seen the numbers. It comes as no surprise then that marketers still prefer email and, given the current pandemic crisis, have chosen to double up on their email marketing campaigns. Nevertheless, like all business processes, email marketing campaigns require careful preparation and strategizing to guarantee success. We will cover some of these aspects in the subsequent lessons.

Writing Emails That Work

Follow these pointers on effective email formatting and write emails that work.

Email Campaigns and Strategies Course - Lesson Excerpt

Writing Emails That Work

Remember the K.I.S.S. Principle? What does K.I.S.S. stand for?

Employ a Double Open Strategy

This basically means resending the same email a few days after customers failed to open the original email. This gives us a chance to experiment with better subject lines while keeping the same email content.

The Double Opens Strategy improves the email open rate and thus could propel an increase in campaign revenue.

Optimize for Mobile

Managing The Email List

This lesson will focus on various factors to consider when building and managing the email list.

Email Campaigns and Strategies Course - Lesson Excerpt

How do we grow and manage our email list?

Email Personalization

Explore some of the best practices that helps boost our email campaign success.

Email Campaigns and Strategies Course - Lesson Excerpt

What drives a successful email campaign?

Here are some of the best practices that help boost up our email campaign success.

Things to avoid: Which of these will increase email marketing friction?

When should we drop inactive contacts? Set a measurable metric that would define inactivity in the email list. Using tools and CRM data, identify customers who aren't interacting and segment them to another list. Re-engage inactive customers using data on their past behaviour and interests. We can choose to continue sending them emails albeit at reduced frequency. When customers no longer respond within the pre-defined timeframe, it would be best to drop them from your list. Inactive contacts could lower the open rate and affect our reputation and deliverability as a mailer.

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Email Campaigns and Strategies


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