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Electrical Safety

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Brush up on your Electrical Safety before you go out on your next job!

Electrical Safety Lessons

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  1. Energized Work
  2. Spotting Hazards
  3. First Aid & Electrical Accidents

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Electrical Safety course excerpts

Energized Work

Learn the difference in consideration between energized and deenergized work.

Electrical Safety Course - Lesson Excerpt

Energized & Deenergized Work

Sometimes electrical circuits, lines and systems need to be worked on while still energized, so as to not interrupt needed services or because of the system itself. We need to learn how to prepare for this and to still work safely!

Just flipping off a switch doesn't make a system deenergized.

If a circuit is still connected, not grounded or if there is still energy that could possibly be coming through...

...we must treat this system as energized, unless proven otherwise beyond all doubt.

When doing energized work always remember to: Wear insulating gloves with protectors and also insulating sleeves. Rubber gloves are a great choice! If required, remember to use hotsticks, switchsticks, and shotgun sticks. Master your bare hand techniques. Don't be afraid to practice or ask someone if you're unsure of how you're doing. Use Insulating Protective Equipment (IPE) such as covers, blankets and line hoses.

Spotting Hazards

The first step in preventing hazards is spotting them. Take this lesson to review dangerous areas of the job site.

Electrical Safety Course - Lesson Excerpt

Spotting Hazards

Electrical hazards are the cause of HALF of all fatalities in the US workplace. Most of these are the result of contact with energized machines, tools, metal and overhead power lines. It's important we know how to recognize these dangers to protect ourselves and fellow workers!

The professionals most at risk are electricians, engineers and workers in proximity to overhead power lines. This doesn't mean that others like office workers and pedestrians are not also potentially at risk of electrical dangers such as shock or fire.

Examples of Equipment That Can Contact Power Lines Scaffolding Metal materials Concrete pumpers Drills Backhoes and cranes Ladders Paint rollers

Make sure everything is grounded!

Where is the hazard in this picture? (Press image to zoom in)

First Aid & Electrical Accidents

Knowing what to do in the event of accident can mean life or death for one of your co-workers. Explore the actions to take in case of an emergency.

Electrical Safety Course - Lesson Excerpt

First Aid & Electrical Accidents

How quickly someone is treated after an electric shock could determine the damage that is done. However, it is hard to know what to do and when, as sometimes electric shock is not visibly apparent.

Sometimes an electrical shock leaves no visible marking on the skin, and the damage is mainly internal. This could be in the form of a burn, cardiac arrest, or another serious injury. Because of this, it's hard for someone other than a medical professional to treat the damage correctly. It's important to remember that even a small amount of electricity can be deadly.

911 should be called immediately if an injured person experiences: Difficulty breathing Arrhythmias Burns Sudden confusion A loss of consciousness Muscle contractions and/or pains Seizures Feelings of cardiac arrest

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Electrical Safety


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