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Effective Communication

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It takes revamping our skills and learning new ideas to keep communicating effectively. In this course, we will discuss the ways in which you can improve your communication skills when speaking with someone directly, in public or virtually.

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  1. Revamping Our Communication Skills
  2. Speaking Publicly, Effectively
  3. Connecting Virtually, but Personally
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Effective Communication course excerpts

Revamping Our Communication Skills

No matter how long we've been doing it, there is always something we can improve about the way we communicate. In this lesson, we will talk about practical tips you can apply right away to improve your communication skills.

Effective Communication Course - Lesson Excerpt

Communication comes naturally, but effective communication only comes with practice.

This lesson will explore how you can improve your communication skills at any level.

Mind your tone.

Keep your reputation intact No matter how well you speak, no one will trust a word you say if you have a bad reputation. If you do as you say, avoid scandals, and practice integrity.. .. people will respect your word, allowing you to communicate with them effectively.

Speaking Publicly, Effectively

Good public speakers help motivate change, influence decisions, and inspire people. It is also a skill that rarely comes naturally for people. In this lesson, we will discuss actions to help you become a more effective public speaker.

Effective Communication Course - Lesson Excerpt

Here's how you can improve your public speaking in order to engage your audience and get your message across.

Engage your audience from the very beginning The audience will only listen to the entirety of your talk if you give them a reason to care. ¹ To capture their attention, you can ask interesting, intriguing questions about how certain "common" viewpoints and knowledge don't add up... ... then you can start talking about how this issue, this problem, affects your audience and the people they care about. If you make it clear to your audience that an issue needs addressing, you can capture their curiosity and make them eager to hear your solution.

.. it has a finite space, and if you don't consciously organize it, much as Sherlock makes a conscious effort to organize his thoughts, you'll end up storing useless things and useless information.

By comparing her complex subject to something as simple and relatable as an attic, she is able to communicate her message effectively.

Be honest if you don't know the answer As the speaker, you are compelled to be the expert. After all, YOU are the done they are watching. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that you have all the answers. If an audience member asks you a question that you don't know the answer to, it's always better to be honest and say "I don't know, but I will find out for you ASAP", instead of making something up. You garner greater respect by allowing yourself to be vulnerable, and you save yourself the embarrassment of tripping on your own tongue.

Connecting Virtually, but Personally

With the convenience of online seminars and meetings, comes a new set of challenges. In this lesson, we will help you become a more effective and engaging communicator in a virtual setting.

Effective Communication Course - Lesson Excerpt

The Challenges of Virtual Communication

The ability to "read the room" and adjust your communication style accordingly is one of the most valuable skills you can have.

One of the main problems with virtual communication is that it doesn't guarantee that you'll be able to do this.

Connectivity issues can disrupt the flow of a presentation or a meeting, and people can opt to turn off their cameras.. leaving presenters with no visual cues to read and adjust to.

Attendees are also more likely to zone out because the pressure to engage is lower compared to a live setting..

With these issues in mind, here are ways in which you can bridge the engagement gap to become an effective virtual communicator.

Considering the aforementioned challenge of not being able to read the room anytime you need to, researching the group or demographic you're presenting to is essential as it lets you tailor your tone, language and style.

What are the benefits of reaching out to your virtual audience in advance? Choose all correct answers.



Effective Communication Course - Lesson Excerpt

What are the benefits of reaching out to your virtual audience in advance? Choose all correct answers.

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Effective Communication


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