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Effective Call-Closing (in Pharmaceutical Sales)

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Show your client that you can deliver their needs and close your pharmaceutical sale! After completing this course, you should be able to understand sales closing techniques and how to close a deal amid a crisis.

Effective Call-Closing (in Pharmaceutical Sales) Lessons

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  1. Sales Closing Techniques
  2. Improving Your Close Rate
  3. Closing Sales During Pandemic

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Effective Call-Closing (in Pharmaceutical Sales) course excerpts

Sales Closing Techniques

Let's start the course with some proven sales closing techniques.

Effective Call-Closing (in Pharmaceutical Sales) Course - Lesson Excerpt


Choosing the right words to seal a sales deal is a make-or-break situation. This can determine whether your efforts will amount to anything at all.

Feeling anxious about closing a sale is normal. Closing a sale would be far less exciting without that risky feeling --- a feeling which drives salespeople like you to strive for more.

LESSON OBJECTIVES In this course, we'll start with a few tried-and-true sales closing techniques. The following strategies were developed by sales professionals over the years: Now or Never Closes Summary Closes Sharp Angle Closes Assumptive Closes Question Closes

RECALL Which of the following should you do when you use a summary closing? Select 2 correct answers

There are times that potential buyers would ask for a discount or add-ons because they know they have the upper hand and know that you also expect it.

You can try the sharp angle closing technique to catch the customer by surprise to make the sale if the situation permits. ** Scenario 1**: There is an ongoing promotion being offered. Scenario 2: You have the approval of your manager to give discounts or add-ons.

This is a sample of the sharp angle close in action. ‎‎Chances are high that they will not expect this kind of response because you agreed to their request and you proposed closing the sale on that day.

QUICK QUIZ Which of the following is an example of an assumptive close? Select all that apply

Improving Your Close Rate

How do you improve your closing skills based on the sales closing techniques discussed in the previous lesson?

Effective Call-Closing (in Pharmaceutical Sales) Course - Lesson Excerpt


“Every deal, whether it’s a win or loss, has something you can learn from. It’s an opportunity to reflect on how you can evolve both in process and strategy.” -- Kelly Myers, Account Executive at Salesforce

Based on the sales closing techniques presented in the last lesson, how do you improve your closing skills?

LESSON OBJECTIVES In this lesson, we will discuss some pointers to keep in mind when you’re trying to reel in the deal.

What's the best response to this objection: "Your prices are higher than anyone else's on the market."

Who is most likely to defend your product against doubts within the organisation?

Closing Sales During Pandemic

Let's talk about strategies to effectively close sales in the midst of the ongoing pandemic.

Effective Call-Closing (in Pharmaceutical Sales) Course - Lesson Excerpt


Have you modified your closing strategies in light of your previous pandemic experience?

A survey by McKinsey and Company (October 2020) found that for business-to-business markets, digital self-serve and remote sales interactions are likely to dominate going forward (SME’s and large enterprises). This means that videoconferencing is critical and preferred.

LESSON OBJECTIVES In this lesson, we'll discuss some tips on closing sales during a pandemic. Specifically, we'll talk about the following: Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic Sales Strategies During Pandemic


If the customers of your prospect is doing well financially, your prospect is more likely to buy from you. If they aren't, there are further repercussions, such as a slower sales cycle or the inability to purchase at all.

Knowing your prospect’s customers will help you to understand your prospect’s habits and level of urgency when you are interacting with them.

Knowing your prospect’s customers is also useful to help you make more informed decisions in terms of the time and effort you spend on which prospects in your pool.

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Effective Call-Closing (in Pharmaceutical Sales)


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