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Drill Press Safety

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About this course

In manufacturing, drilling is widely used when we aim to have a hole or holes on a solid substance such as metal or wood. A drill press is a commonly used equipment for this task. This course allows you to go through the use of drill presses, its important parts, and precautionary measures to ensure your safety.

Drill Press Safety Lessons

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  1. About Drill Press
  2. Safety Rules
  3. Operating a Drill Press
  4. What to Avoid

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Drill Press Safety course excerpts

About Drill Press

Drill Press Safety Course - Lesson Excerpt

About Drill Press

A drill press is a machine that is used to cut holes on a hard substance, commonly on wood stock.

It has varying speeds and feed.

Some drills have multiple spindles for gang drilling, although the most common machine is for non-production drilling, a single-spindle, floor-mounted, belt-driven machine.

Potential Hazards & Possible Solutions

The use of drill presses with exposed power transmission components are not advisable.

The power transmission components should be enclosed, most especially those that have adjustable belt drives.

Even though the use of a drill press is less hazardous compared to other machinery, familiarity with the operation remains necessary. **Proper training is still a must. **

Safety Rules

Drill Press Safety Course - Lesson Excerpt

Safety Rules

In order to reduce incidents when operating a drilling press, take note of the safe work practices in this lesson.

When drilling metal, make sure to lubricate the drill.

To break through the stock, slowly reduce the drilling pressure, this prevents the drill from breaking.

Always clean and sharpen the drill bits.

Turn off the drill press before adjusting it.

Allow the drill to cut at its own rate.

Operating a Drill Press

Drill Press Safety Course - Lesson Excerpt

Operating a Drill Press

**You are about to watch a 55-second video that explains how to insert the drill bit. ** Video link is as follows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuAQodi4ydo

Using the Drill Press Turn drill press on. Carefully place the piece. Allow the bit to come through the bottom side of the piece. As soon as the hole is drilled, retrieve the bit. For depth, use the lock nut on the side of the spindle. Recall the bit out every once in a while to have deeper holes or for dense materials for the removal of waste and cool bit. Stop the drill press before removing any work.

What to Avoid

Drill Press Safety Course - Lesson Excerpt

Additional Precautions and Reminders

Don't wear any loose clothing or ties, and remember to roll your sleeves up to above your elbow.

Tie back your long hair.

Gloves, rings, watches, or bracelets should not be worn.

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Drill Press Safety


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