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Domestic Violence Awareness {AUS ONLY}

By LN Consulting
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Creating awareness around domestic violence for Australian businesses

Domestic Violence Awareness {AUS ONLY} Lessons

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  1. What do you know about domestic violence?
  2. Case Study

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Domestic Violence Awareness {AUS ONLY} course excerpts

What do you know about domestic violence?


Domestic Violence Awareness {AUS ONLY} Course - Lesson Excerpt

**Domestic Violence Worldwide **

Domestic Violence - global FACTS One in five women and girls, including 19% of women and girls aged 15 to 49, have experienced physical and/or sexual violence by an intimate partner within 2019. Yet, 49 countries have no laws that specifically protect women from such violence. Only 52 per cent of women, married or in a union, freely make their own decisions about sexual relations, contraceptive use and health care. **Gender inequality - seeing women as less than equal - is a root cause of disrespect and violence against women. ** **COVID-19 has led to a 30% increase in violence against women and girls (United Nations, Oct 2020). With lockdown measures in place, many women are trapped at home with their abusers, struggling to access services that are suffering from cuts and restrictions. Emerging data shows that, since the outbreak of the pandemic, violence against women and girls – and particularly domestic violence – has intensified. **

Case Study

Domestic Violence Awareness {AUS ONLY} Course - Lesson Excerpt

**A case study ** **Revealing the truth about Domestic Violence in Australia **

Revealing Australian domestic violence statistics On average, 1 woman a week in Australia is killed by her intimate partner. On average, women will go back to an abusive partner eight times before they leave for good. **_ 68% of Australians understand that the abuser is 100% responsible for all abuse and continuing patterns of violence_. ** Children often see or hear violence between their parents. Family violence is a factor in many child protection cases. Gender inequality - seeing women as less than equal - is a root cause of disrespect and violence against women.

The content in this lesson was developed for education purposes by qualified Psychologists at LN Consulting Australia Pty Ltd. Research & content direction was provided by Juana Martinez, family violence lead teacher @ Melbourne Polytechnic.

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Domestic Violence Awareness {AUS ONLY}

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