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This is a foundational course on digital money, it covers all aspects of digital payments, the digital financial services ecosystem and value chain. This course provides a high level view of the various elements of digital financial services, it also provides practical thoughts and insights into key operational details and helps to map out a complex landscape.

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Digital Money course excerpts

Introductory Lesson

An introductory lesson to welcome you to the 12 Week online Digital Money course.

Digital Money Course - Lesson Excerpt


Now a bit on the course

Who will be teaching the course? The Founders of DFI will be accompanying you over the next 12 weeks. Who are they? Ignacio Mas - Academic Director David Porteous - Chairman Gavin Krugel - CEO They will be supported in their teaching duties by Lina Hadboun, our Teaching Assistant. Lina Hadboun will be providing supporting learning materials and making sure the class runs smoothly.

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Digital Money

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