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Dealing with Difficult Customers

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About this course

Learn best practices for when dealing with customers' and guests' problems.

From the author

Problem solving is a crucial skill to obtain in any role in any industry. Customers come with all different attitudes and situations which need to be handled confidently and correctly for the optimal outcome. Educating on these topics is the perfect way to maintain excellent service and problem-solving, which is why this 4-part course is perfect. The modules will touch on difficult customers, responding to complaints, managing mishaps and dealing with intoxicated customers.

What you will learn

  • Types of Difficult Customers
  • Dealing with Intoxicated Customers
  • How to Handle a Wrong Food Order
  • How to Respond to a Guest Complaint

Dealing with Difficult Customers Lessons

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  1. Types of Difficult Customers
  2. How to Respond to a Guest Complaint
  3. How to Handle a Wrong Food Order
  4. Dealing with Intoxicated Customers

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Dealing with Difficult Customers course excerpts

Types of Difficult Customers

Learn about the different types of difficult customers, and how to handle them effectively.

Dealing with Difficult Customers Course - Lesson Excerpt

Ways to Deal with Difficult Customers: Try to remain friendly, always smile, and be apologetic. Never attempt to argue with them. Never be intimidated by their actions, rather maintain professionalism and remain polite. Attend to them as promptly as possible. Never give weak excuses for your operational lapses, but rather accept responsibility and offer a solution. Thank them for their patronage. Inform your co-workers about such customers to ensure that they also manage them with care. Figure out the best way to satisfy and make them happy.

How to Respond to a Guest Complaint

Learn how to resolve guest complaints.

Dealing with Difficult Customers Course - Lesson Excerpt

Did you know... A guest's complaint can also be considered a gift. The complaint could be your opportunity to earn your guest’s business back. Complaints are inevitable, but what’s key is how you react.

How to Handle a Wrong Food Order

Learn practical ways to handle a wrong food order.

Dealing with Difficult Customers Course - Lesson Excerpt

You misheard an order, or maybe you didn’t write down all of the details. Rest assured that no matter how long you’ve been working as a server, or how good you are at your job, mistakes happen.

What matters most is how you deal with the situation to ensure your customers leave happy even if a mistake was made.

Dealing with Intoxicated Customers

Learn how to identify and handle intoxicated customers.

Dealing with Difficult Customers Course - Lesson Excerpt

In a bar, preventing intoxication is everyone’s responsibility.

Employees should feel responsible and accountable to...

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Dealing with Difficult Customers


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