Customer Service: Handling Complaints

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Customer Service: Handling Complaints

Learn how to turn negative customer complaints into a positive customer experience.

Customer Service: Handling Complaints course content

Working with customers and their complaints

Complaints are a good thing! Get the technique to address customer complaints here.

How to address online customer complaints

Online complaints can have a big impact. Get the know-how on how to make it a positive one.
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So how do we work with customers online to resolve their complaints? Use the LAST strategy to keep on top of online complaints: Listen Apologize Solve Thank

Listen Search social media for complaints, especially on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t leave any complaint unturned as word of mouth can spread and escalate the situation.

How to address online customer complaints

Apologize Give validation to the customer with a genuinely personal, “I’m Sorry”. Offer to remedy the situation privately.

How to address online customer complaints

Solve Find a way to leave the customer satisfied with personal one-to-one communication and a customer-centric solution.

How to address online customer complaints

Thank the Customer Thank the customer for their feedback. It's a blessing in disguise. Tell them how the concern is being addressed.

How to address online customer complaints

Handling negative reviews positively

Customer complaints made online can be powerful in enhancing your brand and the customer experience. Find out why.
Lesson Excerpts

Can you identify two things the owner did correctly?

You can't use customer complaints as a marketing tool to enhance the customer experience.

Summary Use an app or a tool, like Google Alerts, to keep track of every time your business gets mentioned online Respond immediately to negative reviews Acknowledge the customer and take that feedback to improve your business

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