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In retail, from Black Friday to sneaker drops, events can draw very large crowds. Take this course to learn how to manage them so everyone has a safe and good time!

Crowd Management Lessons

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  1. Planning for the Big Event
  2. Event Preparation
  3. During Event
  4. Handling Emergencies and Course Review

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Crowd Management course excerpts

Planning for the Big Event

Crowd Management Course - Lesson Excerpt

Planning for the Big Event

**What is a big event? ** It's hard to define. It could be 15 people waiting outside our store for it to open, or a hundred people camping out overnight. All of these have to be planned and some will need more time than others.

However, there are a few fundamental principles and actions you will learn in this course that will be true for all of our days of big events, whether that be a new drop or a crazy sale. Our most important job is to make sure that our customers are safe!

If there is an emergency... ...contact emergency services immediately. Once you get a chance contact your manager next. When we have big events we most likely have let the police and fire department know in advance. If enough staff are working it can be one person's job to pay attention to potential emergencies. The manager is trained to make decisions if you need a second opinion.

Our exit and entrance signs are clearly marked. Make sure to point to them when showing our customer where these things are.

Restrooms are also marked.

Event Preparation

Crowd Management Course - Lesson Excerpt

Event Preperation

We designate the entry and exit points so traffic can flow easily and crowds can be managed effectively.

For this reason we keep our doors propped open. This greatly reduces the risk of safety hazards.

The Lottery System

If an item is very exclusive, we may have a lottery system where we distribute wristbands or ticket stubs and then call out numbers of who can be let into the store.

During Event

Crowd Management Course - Lesson Excerpt

During Event

Before the starting time, remind everyone outside how the system will work, even if you've done it already. Remember, be courteous and polite as always!

As you know, promotional items will be either in the back of the store and brought out at the cash register, or they will be placed strategically in the back of the store.

For certain items we may have signage, however we will always have signs displaying where the exit and entrances are.

Handling Emergencies and Course Review

Crowd Management Course - Lesson Excerpt

Handling Emergencies

Even if we take all the precautions to prevent overcrowding, accidents can still happen.

Because of this, it's important you know where our first-aid kits are, and if any of your co-workers on shift know CPR or are certified in basic First Aid.

Our permits As a store, we've had all of our permits checked by local law enforcement and the fire department. We always alert local law enforcement if we're having an event. Above all, use your common sense and follow any instruction from public officials.

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Crowd Management


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