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As a part of this year's construction safety week, this course has five days of daily toolbox talk that discusses outside stresses and distractions that can take us out of our element, interfere with our focus, awareness and impact everything from our decision-making abilities to our reaction times and ultimately our safety.

Construction Safety Week Lessons

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  1. Be Present, Be Focused
  2. Healthy Mind, Healthy Body
  3. Be Relentless
  4. Be Safe, Be Well Rested
  5. Thank You

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Construction Safety Week course excerpts

Be Present, Be Focused

Construction Safety Week Course - Lesson Excerpt

Daily Toolbox Talk: BE PRESENT, BE FOCUSED

Taking a holistic approach to safety means embracing a total wellness approach that includes paying attention to both the body and the mind in everything we do.

There are many things going on around us in our physical environment as well as distractions occupying our minds at any given time.

With all the challenges and noise we face in today’s world, it is often difficult to be truly present in the moment

This can be especially true at work. It is important to recognize and adjust when our minds are not fully focused or present in the moment while completing a work task.

What does it mean to be truly present? All too often we are physically present somewhere, but our focus and attention are not.

We have all been there. Whether it is during a safety meeting or when driving home, we zone out and quickly realize we have no clue what was said in the safety meeting or with the snap of a finger we are home but have no recollection of the drive.

This kind of disconnect from the present moment can be extremely dangerous when at work.

There are many reasons why we may not be present in any given moment. As individuals we vary greatly, but a few quick tips may help you be more in the moment the next time you find your mind wandering.

How to be Present: Take note of how well you are focusing and where your mind is at. From there, make the conscious choice to improve your focus and attention if needed. When you are part of a discussion or receiving directions, make sure you are actively listening to the person speaking. One way to become a better listener is to treat the information as something you are going to have to teach to a coworker. Receiving information with the understanding that you will be responsible to pass it on can help ensure that you actively listen to the person speaking Eliminate distractions from the physical work area. Things such as noise, clutter, chemicals, people, equipment, etc. can have a large impact on your ability to fully pay attention to what you are doing in any given moment at work. Eliminating distractions can make a difference in whether you are able to fully focus on the task at hand. Identify any personal concerns that are causing your mind to wander and not be fully present at work. If not possible to eliminate them, talk about them with your supervisor so they can help you address them accordingly.

As supervisors, what can you do to alleviate employee’s stressors causing them to lose focus and not be present at work? Select all that apply.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Construction Safety Week Course - Lesson Excerpt


Being safe means paying attention to both mind and body. It extends beyond wearing hardhats and safety glasses. It means recognizing how important mental health really is to everyone’s overall safety

From suicide to distractions that lead to devastating accidents, it is important that we all recognize the importance of total well-being. When workers are physically and mentally safe everyone wins.

Today, more than ever, the construction industry is prioritizing mental health well-being. Often referred to as “the silent epidemic,” construction has the second-highest suicide rate by occupation in the United States.

To face this silent epidemic, we must first understand what causes it and continue to work together to overcome it.

People are indeed the most valuable asset we have, and to preserve our people’s longevity, we must take an active role in our physical health. Hard manual labor, long hours, and lack of rest can take a toll on the body

With an aging workforce, the focus must turn to healthy lifestyle choices. Participation in daily stretch and flex, as well as proper lifting techniques has shown a significant impact on soft tissue injuries

Adequate sleep and a healthy diet play an integral role in your overall health. Aim for eight hours of sleep a night, maintain a healthy balanced diet, and stay hydrated throughout the day.

Remember that small changes each day can have a tremendous impact over time on your physical well-being

How can you help someone that seems to be struggling with mental health? Listen to what that person is saying - show understanding Talk about well-being and keep questions open-ended Don’t try to diagnosis an issue or guess feelings Offer seeking professional support and provide ways to do this

Be Relentless

Construction Safety Week Course - Lesson Excerpt

Daily Toolbox Talk: BE RELENTLESS

Preventing injuries means relentlessly paying attention to risk, and monitoring what is happening around you at all times. Executing the fundamentals is critically important.

Full PPE 100% of the time, hand safety, power tool safety, and even housekeeping are key elements of total safety. Injuries happen in a flash, so never take safety for granted.

Be relentless everyday by choosing to work safe--- for yourself and the people that love you.

Awareness Of Your Surroundings Is Important Below are some ways to always be aware of your surroundings: 20-20-20 Rule: Every 20 minutes, take 20 seconds, and look 20 feet around. Update the Pre-Task plan throughout the day Morning coordination meetings with all contractors.

What do you think is the importance of always being aware of what is going on around you?

Be Safe, Be Well Rested

Construction Safety Week Course - Lesson Excerpt

Daily Toolbox Talk: **BE SAFE, BE WELL RESTED **

The construction industry often comes with early hours, long commutes and nightshift work. This interruption with the Circadian Rhythm, your body’s natural sleep/wake cycle, can have major consequences on your physical and mental health

The good news is no matter what your sleep habits are, there are some simple things you can do to improve your quality of sleep, your overall well-being, and safety on the jobsite.

Here are some warning signs that you or your co-workers may be sleep deprived: Excessive yawning Dozing off on the job Inability to stay focused Excessive mood swings Lowered self-control around food, especially craving sugar and carbohydrates. Increased dependency on caffeine, energy drinks or alcohol.

What are the warning signs that you or your co-workers may be sleep deprived?

Thank You

Construction Safety Week Course - Lesson Excerpt

Daily Toolbox Talk: THANK YOU

This year’s Construction Safety Week theme is: Be Present. Be Focused. Be Safe.

For today, we'd like to give thanks to the people we work side by side with, express our gratitude for one another, and remind ourselves of our family and friends at home that we work safe for every day.

Our industry is embracing safety more than ever, most especially with the outbreak of COVID this year, every one of you in our industry deserves a big thank you. The efforts of everyone are reducing risks and accidents on our projects.

This week we have been discussing the importance of total well-being to being safe. Thank you for listening as we explored ways to be present, be focused and stay safe on the job and at home

You, our workers are the essential ingredient to the success of our industry. Thank you for participating in Safety Week and for your hard work all year!

To us, being part of a crew/team/family mean: The people we work next to become an extension of our family We care about everyone's safety and well-being, as well as our own. Engaging with our crew members and building team comradery.

Why do you work safe?

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Construction Safety Week


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