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Competitive Landscapes

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Learn about the many benefits of doing a competitive landscape analysis, and the importance of using competitive intelligence to help you develop a counter strategy.

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  1. The Benefits of a Competitive Landscape Analysis
  2. Developing a Counter Strategy
  3. A Short Note on Competitive Intelligence

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Competitive Landscapes course excerpts

The Benefits of a Competitive Landscape Analysis

Competitive Landscapes Course - Lesson Excerpt

Why Conduct a Competitive Landscape Analysis? In order to keep abreast of your industry, it's important to pay attention to your competitor’s strategic movements and how it relates to emerging consumer trends. It's a useful tool for both senior executives and sales teams. According to Richard A. D'Aveni, when workers are asked to pinpoint their product and service offerings in relation to their competitors, they have a tendency to overestimate their own offerings and underestimate those of their competitors (2007). A Competitive Landscape Analysis can be used to help refine your organisation's strategy, how to curb your competitors' moves, and to help refine the distinguishing features that make you stand out.

What are the benefits of doing a Competitor Analysis? Select all that apply

Which of these types of information would you include in your research?

Developing a Counter Strategy

Competitive Landscapes Course - Lesson Excerpt

True or False? When developing a battlecard, all claims should be substantiated with facts and statics, rather than opinions.

Vital information to include in Battlecards: Concise company summary Pricing tiers (including any trials and offerings) Product/service overview Competitor specific talking points Case studies or use case details

A Short Note on Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Landscapes Course - Lesson Excerpt

Competitive Intelligence It's important for your sales team to be constantly in the loop on what your competitor are doing.

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Competitive Landscapes


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