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Closing a Deal

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Look at strategies for closing an enterprise deal, and how you can adapt to the contemporary sales environment.

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  1. Modern Strategies for Closing
  2. Relationships with Stakeholders
  3. Closing a deal during COVID-19

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Closing a Deal course excerpts

Modern Strategies for Closing

Learn the importance of good questioning, the Take Away, Soft and Assumptive closing strategies.

Closing a Deal Course - Lesson Excerpt

Modern Strategies for Closing Tired of all the "traditional" sales tactics? It's time to try something new. This lesson takes you through some contemporary strategies for Closing a deal.

You may even choose to close the sale in the form of a question. ## For example... ## * “Does this product or process solve your problem?”* ## * “Can you see a reason why we should not proceed with this?”* ## * “Are we in agreement to proceed with this?”* ## * “Can you see any other obstacles before we continue?”*

Questions such as these allow you to do a couple of things...

Determine if the prospect is sold on the product

Allow you to understand why the prospect may not be fully convinced

Keep the door open for further selling if they have questions or objections

Take Away Closes

Which strategy does this scenario demonstrate? Removing the language translation feature of an online system and presenting a cheaper offer without this feature.

Relationships with Stakeholders

Learn the importance of stakeholders in the closing process, and how you can leverage their perspectives and insights.

Closing a Deal Course - Lesson Excerpt

Champions Champions are those people in the organisation who are informed and invested in your product.

Who is most likely to defend your product against doubts within the organisation?

Closing a deal during COVID-19

Learn how you can modify your closing strategies to the sales environment during COVID-19.

Closing a Deal Course - Lesson Excerpt

Closing a Deal During COVID-19 Has you adjusted your closing strategies to COVID-19?

This lesson will demonstrate how you can be proactive in the current and future sales environment. Let's start by looking at some of the impact's COVID-19 has on on the industry so far...

A survey by McKinsey and Company in October 2020, found that for B2B markets... Digital self-serve and remote sales interactions are likely to dominate going forward (SME’s and large enterprises). ## Only 20-30% of buyers want to interact with their sales rep in person in the future. ## 90% of B2B decision makers expect the remote and digital model to continue indefinitely, and 3 in 4 believe the new model is as effective or more so than before COVID-19. ## 99% of B2B buyers will make a purchase in an end-to-end self-serve model. ## Videoconferencing is critical and preferred over solely audio calls.

Think about your prospect’s customer

If your prospect’s customer is doing okay financially, then your prospect is more likely to buy from you. Similarly, if they are not, then there are other repercussions, such as a slower sales cycle or not being able to purchase at all.

Knowing your prospect’s customer, will help you to understand your prospect’s habits and level of urgency when you are interacting with them.

For example, if your prospect sells software to theatre companies, it is likely that these theatres are more hesitant to purchase right now.

Knowing your prospect’s customer is also useful in that you can make more informed decisions in terms of the time and effort you spend on which prospects in your pool.

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Closing a Deal


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