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Client Value Creation

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About this course

Creating value for customers helps sell products and services.

From the author

"Creating value for customers is pivotal to sell products and services to new and existing clients. The Client Value Creation course provides a multifaceted outlook on how to best create value for your clients, analysing opportunities, building relationships and successful execution."

What you will learn

  • Focus on Excellent Execution
  • Shape Value Led Opportunities
  • Create Win-Win Relationships

Client Value Creation Lessons

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  1. Shape Value Led Opportunities
  2. Create Win-Win Relationships
  3. Focus on Excellent Execution
  4. Review

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Client Value Creation course excerpts

Shape Value Led Opportunities

Understand how creating value for customers has a long-term business impact.

Client Value Creation Course - Lesson Excerpt

How to Shape Value Led Opportunities

Ways of Acting Make it clear for yourself as to who exactly your clients are

Be curious about what the client values are and develop a common understanding.

Test everything you and your team do:  “What value does this add to the client?”

Asking questions to clarify your client's expectations, will lead to success.

Create Win-Win Relationships

Build strong relationships with your clients that can withstand difficulties.

Client Value Creation Course - Lesson Excerpt

Shape deals that are beneficial to both your clients and to you�.

Ways of Thinking

Leaders have a reputation for responsiveness and sharing risks as well as rewards.

Respect the ideas of your clients and be a service oriented.

The essence of a good management relationship is to build trust.

To secure long-term relationships�, avoid;

Ways of Learning

Greet everyone with attention and warmth, even in the lunch line or on the elevator. �

Consider how you handle situations where you have a different and challenging point of view. �

Take a relationship you'd like to strengthen and map out the actions you intend to take�

Focus on Excellent Execution

Recognize why setting high quality standards is important

Client Value Creation Course - Lesson Excerpt

Provide outstanding service by focusing on value-driven results.

Measure performance against client expectations and the agreed-upon value proposition.

Ways of Thinking

Identify potential difficulties as early as possible.

Generate a great experience for all clients. High quality and good service result in success.

Select the correct answer Challenge managers to develop

Ways of Learning

Be thoughtful about how your colleagues and teams will be introduced into the client organization.

Create an orientation process for people who join the team, including briefings on client terminology, etc.

Create an early warning system with your team that recognizes their efforts and rewards them.


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Client Value Creation Course - Lesson Excerpt

Client Value Creation

Asking questions to clarify your client's expectations, will lead to success.

To secure long-term relationships�, you shoukd avoid;

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Client Value Creation


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Shape value led opportunities Understand how creating value for customer has a long term business impact

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