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About this course

Learn how a business developer generates business that adds value to both clients and the company.

From the author

This Business Developer course guides learners into understanding how a business developer generates business that adds value to both clients and the company. The multi-part course drives learners through modules about building strong relationships, negotiating deals, exploring business opportunities, maximising business with existing clients, and developing new clients.

What you will learn

  • Develop Strong Relationships
  • Explore Business Opportunities
  • Negotiate Deals
  • Develop New Clients
  • Maximise Business with Existing Clients

Business Developer Lessons

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  1. Introduction
  2. Develop Strong Relationships
  3. Negotiate Deals
  4. Explore Business Opportunities
  5. Maximize Business with Existing Clients
  6. Develop New Clients
  7. Review

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Business Developer course excerpts


Get to know how a business developer assists the organizations that they work in.

Business Developer Course - Lesson Excerpt

Business Developers

They generate business that adds value to them and the client

Develop Strong Relationships

How business developers develop strong and effective working relationships based on mutual respect and trust.

Business Developer Course - Lesson Excerpt

** Develop Strong Relationships**

Ways of Thinking

Value differences in poeple's experiences and perspectives

Respect clients enough to give them all needed information

Introduce yourself to clients you have yet to meet.

Consider how you now handle situations where you have a different point of view.

Ask about the other person’s business objectives and concerns.

Ask an internal or external coach to meet individually with your colleagues.

Negotiate Deals

A Business Developer negotiates deals with clients.

Business Developer Course - Lesson Excerpt

Negotiate Deals

Ways of Acting Eliminate the competition before closing a deal. �

Establish your credibility throughout the negotiation cycle.

Understand clients needs before going into a negotiation.

Ways of Learning Read books on negotiation techniques.

Explore Business Opportunities

Identify how a business developer explores business opportunities.

Business Developer Course - Lesson Excerpt

Explore Business Opportunities

Meet with co-managers to discuss perspectives and ideas

Read and prepare financial plans

Keep updated on market positions

Maximize Business with Existing Clients

Discover how a business developer maximizes the company’s potential business with existing clients

Business Developer Course - Lesson Excerpt

Maximizing the company’s potential using existing clients

Think about the different ways you can help your clients with. What products can you also sell them?

Your clients aren’t supposed to be the experts – you are!

Select the correct statement about maximizing business

Ways of Learning

Understand your client's concerns and identify their needs

Study market trends and learn from competitors.

Read about industry developments.

Develop New Clients

Recognize why a business developer becomes interested in attracting new clients

Business Developer Course - Lesson Excerpt

Focus on developing new clients rather than obtaining repeated business from existing ones.

Ways of Thinking

Think about the new markets you can extend your business to.

What past mistakes have you done with clients, and how can you avoid them to gain new ones

Ways of Learning

Learn from competitors Be knowledgeable about existing industries.

Learn new techniques Understand the targetted market and learn techniques to win new clients.

Learn the business-side Know how businesses are conducted in the market.

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Business Developer


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