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Bullying and Harassment

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Bullying and harassment in the workplace take on many forms. In this course, we will discuss the different types of bullying and harassment so we may identify and prevent them from happening.

Bullying and Harassment Lessons

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  1. Workplace Bullying and Harassment
  2. Cyberbullying
  3. Psychology of a Bully
  4. Becoming Bully-Proof

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Bullying and Harassment course excerpts

Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Bullying and Harassment Course - Lesson Excerpt

** Workplace Bullying and Harassment**


Bullying and Harassment Course - Lesson Excerpt


The bullies that you knew from school grew up, got a job, and are now more active on their social media accounts than ever.

Just recently, the number of bullying and harassment-related content on Facebook alone has reached an all-time high of 6.3 million.1

Here's what you can do about it.

** Preventing Cyberbullying and Harassment**

** Protect your personal data** Don't make your email, home address, or phone number public for harassers and stalkers to see and abuse.

** Adjust your privacy settings** Take control of who can see your profile and contact you on your social media and other types of online accounts.

Make it a habit to log off Always remember to log off before walking away from your computer while at work to keep your accounts and passwords secure.

** Your social network account is not your diary** Avoid venting in status updates and posting stories about your personal life as persons with malicious intent can use this information to aggravate you.

Psychology of a Bully

Bullying and Harassment Course - Lesson Excerpt

** Psychology of a Bully**

Bullying and harassment know no gender, race, religion, or age. Everyone can be a victim...

...and anyone can be a bully.

Becoming Bully-Proof

Bullying and Harassment Course - Lesson Excerpt

Becoming Bully-Proof

Bullying can start off small and subtle, such as with minor insults, threats, and comments meant to damage someone's self-esteem.

Here's how you can change the game.

Mike, a worker with an intellectual disability, suffers from emails sent to him making fun of his ability to write and his intelligence. What should be his first course of action?

** Think of somebody who:** Just doesn't want you to be around Manipulates you to think that you're always the one at fault Never gives credit for projects you've done Hides key information and spreads rumors about you Enjoys seeing you break down and cry for their entertainment Now, what if this person was your supervisor?

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Bullying and Harassment


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