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Learn the best ways to protect yourself and your business from scammers. Become a master scam scanner.

From the author:Cyber and non-cyber scams are amongst us when we are least expecting, which is what makes us so vulnerable to them. Our Be a Scam Scanner Course will provide you with useful skills to be able to detect scams and how to effectively mitigate these in your workplace. The 4-part course works around why people commit scams, provides examples of the most common retail scams and internet scams, and ways to be a scam scanner!

Be a Scam Scanner Lessons

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  1. Why do people commit scams?
  2. The most common retail scams
  3. The most common internet scams
  4. How can you be a scam scanner?

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What you will learn

  • Why do people commit scams?
  • The most common retail scams
  • The most common online internet scams
  • How can you stop scams?
  • Identify scam and sneaky apps on the App Store
  • What is a credit card scanner scam?

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