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Bar Maintenance

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There's much more to being a bartender than just making drinks. Take this course to find out!

Bar Maintenance Lessons

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  1. Before Service
  2. During service
  3. After service
  4. Beer Kegs
  5. Sources

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Bar Maintenance course excerpts

Before Service

Learn how to prepare a bar for service.

Bar Maintenance Course - Lesson Excerpt

Stock Up

Check the stocks of liquor, wine, beer and mixers in shelves, fridges and wells behind the bar, and refill if necessary.

Check the keg levels, and make note of what might 'kick' during the shift. If a keg is likely to run out during the shift, you may inform the rest of the bartender staff and have a backup keg ready to go.

Check the stock and refill the straws, cocktail napkins, drinks trays, beer openers, strainers, stirrers and coasters. Check the stock of glasses, including highballs, pilsners, wine glasses, cocktail glasses and coffee mugs.

Set up the mechanical equipment such as blenders and mixers. Assemble, fill and start the frozen drink machine.

Set Up for Service Unlock beer and wine coolers and taps. ## Set up the bar for service by placing down bar mats. ## Place liners in bins and position appropriately. ## Wipe down the bar and stools with sanitiser and let them air dry.

Which of these is not a step in setting up the bar for service?

During service

Learn what a bartender's role is during service time in a bar.

Bar Maintenance Course - Lesson Excerpt

During service times, you should...

Make drinks and serve customers Throughout your shift you should remain alert and attentive, always ready to attend to customers when they need.

** Clean when possible** It is your responsibilty to keep the bar tidy. Look out for empty glasses and rubbish. Keep equipment and utensils tidy. Keep the floor clean and slip-free.

The bar is not always busy. If you're having a slow shift, you could... Dust and wipe down bottles. Check stock and refill if necessary. ## Wash and polish glasses. ## Wipe down the POS terminal and cash register. ## Wipe down benches, drawers and display cases. ## Wipe the beer taps and beverage guns. ## Clean out equipment which is not currently being used, such as a coffee machine.

After service

Learn what there is still left to do once all the customer's have gone.

Bar Maintenance Course - Lesson Excerpt

Clean the Bar

Place any remaining fresh fruit, garnishes or juices in containers labelled with the day's date.

Wipe down beer towers with a clean, warm towel and use a keg-line brush to clean out the ends of the taps. Clean the soda gun nozzles. Place a faucet cap on each tap to protect them.

Wipe down any bottles you have used throughout the shift with a clean, warm towel. Ensure all liquors, beers and wines are back in the correct fridge or cupboard storage area.

Clean out all blenders and mixers. Clean or place all utensils, glassware and plates in the dishwasher.

Empty and clean the bar sink. Wipe down the bar tap and stools with sanitiser and let them air dry. Then put the bar stools up on the bar. Remove the bar mats, then sweep and mop the floor.

Collect any dirty linen and place in the linen bucket. Take out the rubbish and recycling, and leave the bins empty.

Take inventory and note any shortages in ingredients or drinks.

Restock the bar fridges with any spirits, beer or wine which would need to be chilled before the next service. Restock liquor in the bar if necessary.

Stock the cool room with any beer kegs that may need to be chilled before the next service.

Restock all glasses and mugs.

Place any used silverware in the dishwasher, and linen in the laundry bin. Return any unused linen or silverware to the cupboards.

Count the till.

Turn off the music and tv.

Beer Kegs

Learn how to remove an old keg and replace it with a new one.

Bar Maintenance Course - Lesson Excerpt

Maintaining a beer keg

Being a bartender involves using the beer taps to pour draft beers and changing the beer kegs when they run out. Take a look at how draft beer systems work, in the following video...

Now you know the parts of the keg, it's time you learned how to change one... On the following slide, watch a video on how to change a keg.

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Bar Maintenance


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