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All About Frying Stations (Fast Casual)

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All the magic happens in the frying stations. Learn all about these stations in this fry-tastic course!

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All the magic happens in the frying stations. Learn all about these stations in this fry-tastic course!

All About Frying Stations (Fast Casual) Lessons

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  1. To the Frying Stations!
  2. Let's Talk About Frying Equipment
  3. Staying Safe in the Station

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All About Frying Stations (Fast Casual) course excerpts

To the Frying Stations!

The frying station is where it all goes down. Learn where frying stations should be, what happens there, and what to do in this lesson.

All About Frying Stations (Fast Casual) Course - Lesson Excerpt

The Frying Station Where our favorite fried foods turn a crispy golden brown.

The frying station is probably one of the busiest areas in a fast-casual restaurant. Let's explore all there is to the frying station on this course.

What are our goals? At the end of this lesson, we hope to help you understand: How to set up the frying station; The frying station's layout; and Overall management of the frying station.

The Frying Station's Layout Only one word sums up how to design a frying station --- Efficiency. Our frying station is ergonomically designed. All the tools and equipment are accessible, so you wouldn't have difficulty reaching for anything. Small frying tools have their place. Shelves or storage cabinets for easy access do the trick. All our large equipment is oriented so that you wouldn't find it hard to move around.

Cooking Oil Management Aside from tools and equipment, cooking oil management is another aspect we consider in the frying station. Swipe left to learn the stages of cooking oil management.

Receipt and storage The frying station must never run out of cooking oil, so regularly scheduled deliveries are necessary. Because of regular deliveries, we should have enough storage for all this supply.

More on Storage We store cooking oil at secure but accessible locations, so it is easy to reach for them and avoid accidental spillage.

Use Cooking oil at room temperature is slippery and harmless, but it could scar you for life at boiling temperatures. A good tip is never to overfill the deep fryer container to avoid spills or splashes.

Disposal Before disposal, we must collect all the oil and grease. The grease trap would take care of this problem. Once all the oil and grease are collected, we must arrange their transport to professionals who can repurpose them into helpful biofuels.

The key to effective cooking oil management is remembering each process stage. You must remember all of this by heart.

Let's Talk About Frying Equipment

What can we find in the frying stations? Learn about all the equipment and tools found in the frying stations in this lesson.

All About Frying Stations (Fast Casual) Course - Lesson Excerpt

Frying Equipment The things we need to get frying done right.

What good is the frying station without the tools and equipment right? Let's dive into the deep fryer and explore the rest of the frying tools and equipment in this lesson.

What are our goals? At the end of this lesson, we hope to help you learn more about: the deep fryer and other cooking equipment; cooking oil and the devices used for it; and the other tools used to achieve fresh crispy-ness.

The Deep Fryer Swipe left to learn more about the fry cook's best mate.

The deep fryer puts the "fry" in the frying station. It is the most crucial piece of equipment.

Designed to distribute heat evenly, deep fryers keep large quantities of cooking oil at just the right temperature for frying.

As part of the frying station staff, you must know how to work the fryer safely and accurately to stay on top of all the orders.

If there are different kinds of food on the menu--french fries, chicken, pork, or seafood-- we should have a specific vat or fryer for each kind.

Handling Cooking Oil These tools make it easier for you to handle our cooking oil. Thermometers It would help if you used oil thermometers regularly to achieve the perfect range of cooking temperatures for our fried foods. Putting the food outside the range would make it soggy, burnt, and undercooked. Oil Testers Oil testers help us check our cooking oil's quality to see if it's still okay to use. We reuse cooking oil, but only to an extent, so you must keep testers handy when working the deep fryer. Oil Filters Oil filters are optional deep fryer features, but they do make your job a little easier because they, you guessed it, filter oil. Filters extend oil life, protect food flavor, and save us time because we wouldn't need to change our cooking oil all the time.

Staying Safe in the Station

You already know what goes on in the frying station and the equipment. Now, let's move on to keeping yourself safe while stationed there.

All About Frying Stations (Fast Casual) Course - Lesson Excerpt

Frying Station Safety Basic rules and reminders to keep yourself safe.

We care about you and value your safety. We want you to be aware, so let's discuss the risks of working in the frying station and how to protect yourself from them.

What are our goals? At the end of this lesson, we hope to help you learn more about: risks of working in the frying station; personal protective equipment you need to use; and best practices you must follow.

Safety Practices for the Frying Station Let's go over them for your safety.

Wear Your PPE Your PPE isn't for styling; they protect you from the risks of working in the frying station. Always wear your PPE correctly and avoid loose-fitting clothing, accessories, or jewelry.

Focus on Your Tasks Presence of mind is essential to safety, so you must always focus on your tasks. You can join enjoy recreation or use your phones during breaktime.

Use our Tools and Equipment Our tools and equipment are there for specific purposes. They prevent you from coming in direct contact with boiling oil and other risks.

Be Clean and Stay Clean Observe proper hygiene and keep our frying station clean to avoid slips, trips, and falls. It's important to subject our tools and equipment to inspection and maintenance as these are also forms of cleaning.

Listen to Safety Training Our safety training covers all safety tips, from simple ones such as not over-filling the deep fryer to slightly complicated ones such as using the oil tester. Always pay attention and keep safety training reminders to heart.

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All About Frying Stations (Fast Casual)


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