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Active Shooter | School Full Lockdown Refresher Course

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Active Shooter | School Full Lockdown Refresher Course Lessons

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  1. Lockdown Procedure Refresher
  2. Lockdown Drill Psychological First Aid

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Active Shooter | School Full Lockdown Refresher Course course excerpts

Lockdown Procedure Refresher

In this lesson, we will go through the procedure for full lockdown and the important points to remember to ensure your safety in this emergency situation.

Active Shooter | School Full Lockdown Refresher Course Course - Lesson Excerpt

What should you do if you are out of the classroom during a lockdown? Choose the best answer.

REMEMBER Lockdown! Locks, Lights, Out of Sight! Lock the doors. Barricade it if needed. Turn off the lights. Close the blinds and turn off any light sources. Stay away from 'line of sight'. Hide quietly in the Safe Zone. LASTLY Wait for police assistance Do not open the door unless a police officer tell you to do so.

Lockdown Drill Psychological First Aid

Lockdown drills are necessary to train us on how to react and respond properly to active shooting incidents. Nonetheless, they can also cause stress and anxiety to us. In this lesson, we will learn how to understand and process our emotions from traumatic experiences like lockdowns and lockdown drills.

Active Shooter | School Full Lockdown Refresher Course Course - Lesson Excerpt

How was your experience? In the next slides, we will explore your feelings and emotions about the practice drill and school lockdowns in general. This is a safe space. You can freely share what you want to share or skip what you want to skip.

Which among the reactions below did you have during the lockdown drill? You may choose multiple items.

Negative emotions are normal. Feeling scared, worried, nervous and confused are completely normal feelings during lockdowns, *as well as lockdown practice drills. *

You can ask for help. If you need any help or support, you can always speak to your teacher about what you need. Approach him/her and softly tell them about your concern.

Help is on the way. During an actual school lockdown, police first responders will arrive within minutes to stop the intruder. After the intruder is apprehended, more police and medical responders will assist you in evacuating and provide medical help to those who need it.

REGULATING EMOTIONS THROUGH BREATHING Whenever you feel strong emotions or physical reactions, you can help yourself calm down and stay focused by doing some breathing exercises. Slowly breathe in through your nose. Slowly breathe out through your mouth. Repeat this exercise as needed until you feel your body relax.

HAVE A Survivor Mindset A survivor is... PREPARED Armed with the knowledge of what to do during a lockdown CALM Able to stay silent and manage any feelings of fear, anxiety, confusion etc. ALERT Aware of what's happening and prepared to react Don't be a victim. Be a survivor.

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Active Shooter | School Full Lockdown Refresher Course


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