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Accountability (in Pharmaceutical Sales)

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Being part of an organization means being accountable for your responsibilities and the outcome of any decision or process. In this course, we will explain accountability and distinguish it from responsibility. It will also detail how to be accountable to our organization and our consumers.

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  1. Accountability In Detail
  2. Accountability to the Company
  3. Accountability to Our Clients

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Accountability (in Pharmaceutical Sales) course excerpts

Accountability In Detail

As a representative of the company, you are a reflection of who we are. This lesson will help you understand accountability in detail and how it is different from "responsibility." It will also briefly explain who you are accountable to.

Accountability (in Pharmaceutical Sales) Course - Lesson Excerpt

Welcome to Accountability in Detail

Being part of our organization entails being held accountable for the responsibilities assigned to you along with their outcomes.

Working in the sales team is extra important because you are the bridge that connects us to our consumers.

Lesson Overview This lesson will be helpful to you as a sales representative because it will: define accountability; distinguish accountability from responsibility; and explain who you are accountable to.

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Consider this scenario to define accountability.

Hannah the Rep Hanna is a pharmaceutical sales representative. She was able to market a new drug to a paediatrician. She took notes on the quantity and the dosage of the doctor's orders.

When she was preparing the orders, she mistakenly read the dosage of 500 mg as 50 mg. As she turned over the drugs, the paediatrician pointed out that she had the wrong dosage.

Hanna apologized for the mistake and promised to deliver the drugs with the correct dosage immediately. She also explained the mistake to her supervisor for which she received a minor sanction.

Accountability to the Company

Being part of the company means you have responsibilities to contribute to our development. While you function as a representative, you must be held accountable for your responsibilities.

Accountability (in Pharmaceutical Sales) Course - Lesson Excerpt

Welcome to Accountability to the Company

Being part of a company means working with other people towards a common goal.

This goal is to enrich the lives and experiences of our clients or customers as well as improve their health through our products.

Company management expects that you and your fellow employees will learn to be accountable for erroneous actions or any mistakes you may commit while performing your duties.

Lesson Overview This lesson will be helpful to you as a sales representative for the company because it will: explain the importance of accountability; identify the company's expectations from you; and describe the ways on how you can keep yourself accountable to the company and your teammates.

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Which of the following demonstrates why accountability is important? Select the best two answers

Accountability to Your Co-workers Accountability builds trust. You are not simply accountable to the company itself but also to your co-workers. In the pharmaceutical sales team, every member's contribution to meeting quotas is essential. Specific goals are set and everyone is expected to meet expectations because a desired outcome should always be fulfilled. You must always be prepared to undergo intensive training so you remain knowledgeable and updated on our products. Having extensive knowledge about medicine boosts your credibility. This makes your team and the company more credible as a result. Remember that your teammates depend on you and you depend on your team so you must keep yourself accountable at all times.

Accountability to Our Clients

You are the bridge that connects us to our clients. You are accountable to medical professionals because they will be the ones to prescribe products to patients. This lesson will explain just how accountable you are to our clients and the limitations of your accountability to them.

Accountability (in Pharmaceutical Sales) Course - Lesson Excerpt

Welcome to Accountability to Our Clients

After understanding your accountability to yourself and the company, now you need to understand your accountability to our clients.

Our clients are medical professionals. It is your job to promote our products to them which they will prescribe for use.

Your role is vital to maintaining our client's credibility. Furthermore, you are also somewhat accountable to the health and welfare of our client's patients.

Lesson Overview This lesson is helpful to you as a sales representative for the company because it will: explain your accountability to our clients; identify civil and criminal accountability; and describe an accountable person through the levels of accountability.

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Do not heavily rely on providing free samples or other benefits Though securing sales is the goal, do it in such a way that highlights the benefits of our products instead of the freebies we can give.

Be medically savvy Stay updated. Read up on new advancements in the medical field. It may help you be more credible you can gain the client's trust if you are able to relate to medical jargon.

Eliminate Biases Practice accountability by not selecting specific clients. Be inclusive and open to promoting and marketing our products to clients of different backgrounds.

Handle Complaints Though we want to keep complaints to a minimum or completely non-existent, you may receive them sometimes. The best way to avoid complaints is to do your job well and inform the client of the precautions for our products.

Remember, a pharmaceutical sales person like you must always be accountable and exercise responsibility over your duties.

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Accountability (in Pharmaceutical Sales)


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