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In this course, learn about the challenges in account planning today and how you can leverage modern account planning approaches to take sales to the next level.

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  1. Challenges of Today's Account Planners
  2. Modern Approaches in Account Planning
  3. Design Thinking for Account Planning

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Account Planning course excerpts

Challenges of Today's Account Planners

In this lesson, we take a look at the common struggles account planners and other sales professionals face today.

Account Planning Course - Lesson Excerpt

Challenges of Today's Account Planners

Modern Approaches in Account Planning

Discover new strategies and approaches in account planning that can help advance your sales strategy into the future.

Account Planning Course - Lesson Excerpt

Modern Approaches to Account Planning

Amy Franko, author of the best-selling "The Modern Seller", shares the top key capabilities that sales leaders need to develop to reach the next level in their sales1: Agile Modern sellers can process a lot of information quickly and help their customers see insights with original ideas. Entrepreneurial Modern sellers don't see themselves as employees of their business; they see themselves as founders and CEOs of their own brand. Holistic Being holistic means understanding how all different ecosystems are connected and influence one another. That is why sellers need to look at their sales process and other internal processes in their organization. Social The focus of the modern seller is on building the right connections and the right networks. Champion A champion or ambassador has good relationships with clients, the greater community, and other parties in their industry. An champion is also someone that embodies the values of their organization while being unique and standing out.

To evolve into a modern seller, there are new approaches you can adopt to help deeply understand clients and amplify the value of account planning, namely: B2B Marketing Automation Leveraging Big Data Design Thinking Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools Let's delve deeper into each of these modern approaches.

According to Amy Franko, which of these are key characteristics of a "modern seller?"

The Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University, commonly known as the d.school, has defined a five-stage model of design thinking that is directly applicable to sales teams: Empathize Define Ideate Prototype **5. Test **

AI in Account Planning The industry is experiencing the transformational impact of AI throughout businesses, particularly in account-based marketing(ABM). AI puts more power in your hands, enabling you to confidently and precisely identify and justify the accounts to pursue. 3 Let's go through the key benefits of AI in account planning.

Design Thinking for Account Planning

In this lesson, we take an in-depth look on why design thinking is the future of account planning and how you can apply it in your sales strategy.

Account Planning Course - Lesson Excerpt

Design Thinking for Account Planning

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Account Planning


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