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10 Free Emergency Preparedness Training Courses with Certificates

Through emergency preparedness training courses, you can equip your team with the knowledge to prevent unwanted incidents and prepare for emergencies or disasters, in case they happen. The courses we’ve listed here will cover topics like emergency planning, evacuation procedures,  workplace first aid, and so much more.

Free Emergency Preparedness Training Courses with Certificates
Last published: 4th September 2023
EdApp Emergency Preparedness Training Course - Active Shooter Response and Preparedness Course

1. Active Shooter Response and Preparedness Course

Although active shootings are rare cases, they can be deadly, especially if your team doesn’t have any idea how to respond to such situations. So, EdApp created this emergency preparedness training course in case you have to deal with active shooters in the workplace. 

Here, your team will gain insight into all the necessary information about active shooter cases. Particularly, with their importance as well as the different course of action you can do to survive them. They’ll also get to explore the roles and responsibilities of security professionals, especially in preventing threatening cases from happening within the premises of your workplace. While they’re the first line of defense, your team can also participate in emergency preparedness by learning how to be vigilant and how to recognize potential threats in this course

EdApp, an award-winning company training software, designed this course to be easy to understand, making training more efficient. Lessons are also made bite-sized, so your team can complete them in no time. 

Created by EdApp

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EdApp Emergency Preparedness Training Course - Evacuation Plan

2. Evacuation Plan

Another fantastic emergency preparedness training course you’ll find in EdApp is the Evacuation Plan course. This course takes a look into the different situations that’ll l need evacuation. It also tackles how to plan an evacuation plan, highlighting learning evacuation routes and recognizing signages. Lastly, it talks about the various roles your employees can take on during evacuation. 

This emergency management certification course is completely editable, so you can personalize it further for your organization. What this means is that you can use it as a template course and edit some slides with your own floor plans, specific evacuation routes, company-specific, evacuation guidelines, and more. There’s no limit to how much you can edit this course! Once that’s done, you can easily share it with your team through a link or QR code. 


  • Evacuation Conditions
  • Routes and Floorplan
  • Employee Evacuation Roles

Length: 5-10 minutes per lesson

Created by EdApp

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Oxford Home Study Centre Emergency Preparedness Training Course - Emergency Preparedness

3. Emergency Preparedness

The Emergency Preparedness training course by the Oxford Home Study Centre equips your team with all the relevant information that will help them prepare for and respond to emergencies. This course covers the different types of emergencies, emergency planning procedures, facility manager responsibilities, and more. It then delves into more specific topics, like emergency control and communications, chain of command, and emergency probability. This course is completely self-paced, so your team has the utmost freedom on how they want to take your training. 


  • Meaning of Facility Emergency Preparedness.
  • Emergency Planning is a continuous process.
  • The responsibilities of the facilities manager in emergency preparedness.

Length: (Self-paced)

Created by Oxford Home Study Centre

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High Speed Training Emergency Preparedness Training Course - Workplace First Aid Training

4. Workplace First Aid Training

In order to prepare your team for any potential life-threatening scenarios, High Speed Training offers its Workplace First Aid Online Training Course. This will teach your staff how to identify emergencies and administer first aid right away. Additional precautions including wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and proper sanitation will also be discussed. Even at the most random times or locations, unwanted accidents might occur. Developing first aid skills among your team will help them save their colleagues, even friends or family members, in times of emergencies.


  • Introduction to Workplace First Aid
  • The Primary and Secondary Surveys
  • The Recovery Position and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Treating Injuries: Part One
  • Treating Injuries: Part Two
  • Illnesses and Health Conditions

Length: -

Created by High Speed Training

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Safety Services Direct Emergency Preparedness Training Course - Evacuation Procedures Training Course

5. Evacuation Procedures Training Course

The Evacuation Procedures Training Course by Safety Services Direct focuses on the fundamental actions to take in the event of a workplace disaster. This comprehensive emergency preparedness training course explains how to raise the alarm in case of an emergency, who to contact, where to and how to evacuate the workplace safely, and what to do if you can’tt exit the premises. The fact that this course is completely customizable is a significant advantage. All you need to do is choose a designated course administrator who has access to Safety Services Direct's integrated writing tool. They can then change the course's text and visuals and include links to any required documents, like floor plans and emergency routes.


  • Emergency action plan
  • Evacuation procedures

Length: 30 minutes

Created by Safety Services Direct

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Coursera Emergency Preparedness Training Course - Disaster Preparedness

6. Disaster Preparedness

Through Coursera’s Disaster Preparedness course, your team will gain confidence in preparing for and responding to disasters. Here, they’ll learn how to protect themselves, their belongings, and loved ones through various disaster preparation techniques. They’ll also explore concepts like Disaster Cycle, highlighting the Mitigation and recovery phases, which will be extra useful for extreme cases including lack of basic necessities and absence of amenities. To help them stay composed during such situations, this course will also discuss how to maintain a healthy attitude during disasters. 


  • Disaster Cycle
  • Personal Preparedness 
  • Support and Medical Considerations
  • Wilderness Survival

Length: Approx. 13 hours to complete

Created by Coursera

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EdApp Emergency Preparedness Training Course - The Basics of First Aid

7. The Basics of First Aid

In case of emergencies, having knowledge and skills of first aid come in handy. EdApp's Basics of First Aid course covers the fundamentals for performing emergency care and basic life support, including CPR and emergency first aid. This quick training course can be used for a variety of medical emergencies, including choking, electrical shock, bleeding, burns, and so much more. It has a total of six short lessons that are reinforced with fun activities and quizzes, making information easier to understand and retain.


  • Assessing a scene and performing CPR, 
  • Various scenarios that need a first response
  • First aid treatments

Length: 5-10 minutes per lesson

Created by EdApp

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FutureLearn Emergency Preparedness Training Course - Emergency Planning and Preparedness: An Introduction

8. Emergency Planning and Preparedness: An Introduction

With FutureLearn’s Emergency Planning and Preparedness course, your team will learn to develop and tailor an emergency plan depending on the types of emergencies they’ll possibly deal with. This course will discuss in detail the key concepts related to emergency planning, including its terminologies, the emergency planning cycle, emergency plan frameworks, and many more. Lessons from this course will definitely help your team respond accordingly to different scenarios. 


  • Introduction to emergency planning and preparedness terminology.
  • Effective emergency planning and preparedness.
  • Emergency planning cycle.

Length: 3hrs/ week (2 weeks)

Created by FutureLearn

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Echo-3 Emergency Preparedness Training Course - First Aid at Work

9. First Aid at Work

The First Aid at Work course by echo3 is designed to increase your team’s knowledge of and confidence in responding to frequent workplace illnesses and injuries. This emergency preparedness training course elaborates on the advantages of first aid training. From there, it illustrates the process of assessing the scene during emergencies. Additionally, it covers the many life-threatening and non-life-threatening scenarios, as well as the right ways to use an AED and CPR. Lastly, workplace safety procedures to avoid emergencies will be tackled.


  • Benefits of first aid
  • Primary and secondary survey
  • Life-threatening emergencies 
  • Safety practices in the workplace 

Length: 1-2 hrs/week (4 weeks)

Created by echo3

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EdApp Emergency Preparedness Training Course - Security Personnel's Role in Handling Emergencies

10. Security Personnel's Role in Handling Emergencies

EdApp’s Security Personnel's Role in Handling Emergencies course can be used to refresh your security officers should respond to different kinds of emergencies. Here, they’ll learn how to respond to fire crises, follow the fire evacuation plan, find an explosive device, and help with an investigation. Additionally, they’ll discover how to react to situations involving hazardous materials, particularly if your industry involves in the production or handling of such materials.


  • Fire hazards
  • Bomb threats
  • HAZMAT incident responses

Length: 5-10 minutes per lesson

Created by EdApp

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Prevent and respond to emergencies with emergency preparedness training courses

Every business, no matter what industry, needs to prepare for crises and emergencies to keep people safe and keep operations running. If your team doesn’t have sufficient knowledge of emergency preparedness, they won’t know how to deal with unexpected situations, emergencies, and disasters. Not only could this lead to injuries or deaths, but it can also suspend your operations for a long period of time without any contingency plan. 

But don’t worry, it’s now easier to train your team with emergency preparedness training courses. We’ve already listed the most recommended ones that you and your team can take. With these courses, you’ll learn different ways to prepare for such situations, along with the action steps in case you experience them. 

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