10 Data Analytics Courses

We’ve created a list of data analytics courses that can help your organization optimize performance and increase productivity through meaningful data analysis and visualization. These courses will provide data analysts with the essential tools, skills, and knowledge necessary to help them succeed in their professional careers.

10 Data Analytics Courses
Last published: 18th April 2022
EdApp Data Analytics Course - Preparing the Data

Data Analytics Course #1 - Preparing the Data

This data analytics course offered in the digital learning platform EdApp is designed to help you learn key concepts and develop key skills necessary for data preparation. Data preparation is the first step when it comes to analyzing data, so your learners must know how to do this step effectively and efficiently. In just three microlessons that can be finished in as short as five minutes, you will learn about what data and information are, the different types of data and their use cases, and how to make a good list of data using various sets of rules.  

This course uses microlearning and gamification as strategies to help increase information retention and completion rates. Information is broken down into small chunks and delivered in short bursts, making knowledge easy to grasp. Additionally, this course can be fully edited, allowing you to add relevant information, media, branding, and many more to fit your organization’s needs. If you need assistance, EdApp has online support that is ready to answer any questions you may have. 

  • Cost: Free
  • Certification: Available
  • Scope: What is data, types of data, data listing

Created by EdApp

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Coursera Data Analytics Courses - Introduction to Data Analytics for Business

Data Analytics Course #2 - Introduction to Data Analytics for Business

Coursera’s Introduction to Data Analytics for Business is perfect for small organizations looking to grow their business by going through their data and reports. In just approximately 12 hours, you will learn about data and analysis in the real world, different analytical tools, how to extract data using SQL, and real-world analytical organizations. Coursera provides its students with flexible deadlines to complete videos and readings, as well as provides instructors to help facilitate the course. This course is also a part of a bigger course specialization, so you can choose to further your learning with Coursera if you choose to do so and learn about other topics like predictive analytics.

  • Cost: Free, paid certification and graded assignments
  • Certification: Available
  • Scope: Data and analysis in the real world, analytical tools, data extraction using SQL, analytical organizations

Created by Coursera

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Google Analytics Academy Data Analytics Courses - Google Analytics for Beginners

Data Analytics Course #3 - Google Analytics for Beginners

If you’re interested in using Google Analytics for your business and data mining, Google Academy has prepared free courses for you to take to better understand your website’s traffic. Google Analytics for Beginners is the first course you can take if you want an introduction to the tool. In this four to six-hour-long course, you will be introduced to Google Analytics and its interface, basic reports preparation, and basic campaign and conversion tracking. The course also provides you with additional material, such as text transcripts of its course videos, discussions with instructors, different types of assessments, and a demo account for you to use during your learning experience.

  • Cost: Free
  • Certification: Available
  • Scope: Introduction to Google Analytics, interface, basic reports, basic campaign and conversion tracking

Created by Google Analytics Academy

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edX Data Analytics Courses - Data Analysis Essentials

Data Analytics Course #4 - Data Analysis Essentials

This course from edX is perfect for those who want to take up an MBA program or those who just want to learn more about the fundamentals of data analytics. Data Analysis Essentials will teach you how to present and summarize your data, how to make data-driven decisions under uncertainty, and how to make data-based decisions and different models for actionable decision making. This course is targeted toward beginners so there’s no need to worry if you have no prior knowledge about the topic. As this is an introductory course, concepts are clearly explained, examples are provided, and instructors are there to guide you through the lessons. 

  • Cost: Free, US$79
  • Certification: Paid certification
  • Scope: Presenting and summarizing data, decision making under uncertainty, data-based decision making, modeling for decision making

Created by edX

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Harvard University Data Analytics Courses - Data Science: Probability

Data Analytics Course #5 - Data Science: Probability

In collaboration with the online course platform edX, Harvard University offers Data Science: Probability, an online course dedicated to a specific topic in data analytics that’s worth touching on. The course is 8 weeks long and it’s encouraged to spend 1-2 hours per week on this course. You will learn about important concepts in probability theory, how to perform a Monte Carlo simulation, expected values and standard errors and how to compute them, and the importance of the central limit theorem. With the assistance of an instructor, you will be guided through this course. Upon completion and after paying US$99, you will earn a recognized certificate from Harvard. Otherwise, you can take this course for free. 

  • Cost: Free, US$99
  • Certification: Paid certification
  • Scope: Concepts in probability theory, Monte Carlo simulation, expected values and standard errors, central limit theorem

Created by Harvard University

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Datacamp Data Analytics Courses - Data Analysis in Excel

Data Analytics Course #6 - Data Analysis in Excel

Data Analysis in Excel by Datacamp is perfect for those that use Excel in their daily operations to transform data into insights. In this 4-hour course, your learners can become proficient Excel users and develop analyst skills through time-saving keyboard shortcuts and Excel functions. This course consists of three lessons: Exploring Data, Preparing Data, and Analyzing Data, and includes 48 exercises and 12 videos. Here, learners will be using real-world data from Kickstarter to apply and visualize the skills that they’ve acquired through this course. You can try the first lesson for free, but you’ll have to sign up for a subscription for the rest of the course. 

  • Cost: Free, US$4.92 per month
  • Certification: Available
  • Scope: Exploring data, preparing data, analyzing data

Created by Datacamp

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Pluralsight Data Analytics Courses - Data Analytics: Hands On

Data Analytics Course #7 - Data Analytics: Hands On

Learn all of the key concepts and hands-on skills in the world of data analytics with this course from Pluralsight. In just 5 hours, you will learn about the basics of Excel, SQL, and Tableau, which are common tools used in the field like hadoop. Introductions to other topics like data modeling and data warehousing are also discussed. At the end of the course, you will learn how to present your findings. Videos, projects, and exercises are what make this online course for adults hands-on and can help retain information learned in this course.  

  • Cost: Free 10-day trial, US$19 per month
  • Certification: Available
  • Scope: Excel basics, intro to SQL, intro to Tableau, data modeling, warehousing basics, presenting findings

Created by Pluralsight

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FutureLearn Data Analytics Courses - Data Analytics Using Python

Data Analytics Course #8 - Data Analytics Using Python

Did you know that you can leverage Python and machine learning to integrate systems effectively and handle advanced analytics with ease? FutureLearn’s Data Analytics Using Python course, in collaboration with Github and Coventry University, will help you organize data structured format so you can easily analyze and produce findings. In just three 4 week-long lessons, you will learn about Python fundamentals, different Python packages, and data wrangling and ingestion using Python. There is no prerequisite to taking this course but it’s recommended that you have some prior knowledge or experience working with data statistics and using spreadsheets first. 

  • Cost: US$39 per month
  • Certification: Available
  • Scope: Data analytics and Python fundamentals, Python packages, data wrangling and ingestion using Python

Created by FutureLearn

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CareerFoundry Data Analytics Courses - Data Analytics Program

Data Analytics Course #9 - Data Analytics Program

CareerFoundry guarantees that you’ll be able to get a job after completing their Data Analytics Program. In under 5-8 months, you will learn all of the skills, tools, and processes involved in data analytics, work with an expert mentor that will give you personalized feedback, and build your portfolio out of the real-world projects you’ll complete during this course. All of this is done through flexible online learning. You can also take advantage of CareerFoundry’s free job preparation course and expert career coaching. The only drawback is that this course is the longest and most expensive on this list, so you might want to consider your options before taking it. 

  • Cost: US$2,100 upfront, US$600 for 8 months
  • Certification: Available
  • Scope: Intro to data analytics, introduction to analytical methods, descriptive analysis, developing and visualizing insights 

Created by CareerFoundry

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General Assembly Data Analytics Course - Online Data Analytics Course

Data Analytics Course #10 - Online Data Analytics Course

The last data analytics course on this list is General Assembly’s Online Data Analytics Course. Designed with a focus on real-world relevance, you will learn about the most important tools for performing data analysis like Excel, SQL, and Tableau. You will also take a deep dive into the data analytics process of collecting, cleaning, analyzing, and visualizing unstructured data. General Assembly will prepare you with online, self-paced preparatory lessons so that you’ll have a foundation to stand on once you formally start this two-month-long course.

  • Cost: US$3,950 full tuition
  • Certification: Available
  • Scope: Analytical tools, case study

Created by General Assembly

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Transform data into valuable insights with data analytics courses

Companies go through information and data to help them make decisions every day. That’s why it’s important to have data analysts and data scientists on your team who have the knowledge, skills, and tools to help you make better-informed decisions. Data analytics and data exploration continually evolves with the advancement of technology, so it’s paramount to continuously learn, improve, and polish technical skills. This hopefully lessens performance issues and increases the number of problems solved when it comes to the success of your organization.

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