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10 Assertiveness Training Courses

We’ve created a list of the most recommended assertiveness training courses that will equip you and your team with some strategies on how you can strike the perfect balance between aggression and passiveness. Some courses can also help you act more assertively at work and in other areas of your life. Read on to learn more. 

Assertiveness Training Courses
Last published: 3rd November 2022
EdApp Assertiveness Training Course - Getting Your Voice Heard

Assertiveness Training #1 - Getting Your Voice Heard

While we all have the right to speak up and freely discuss things that concern and interest us, getting our voices heard isn't always as easy as it seems. For this reason, EdApp, in partnership with The Spark, has developed a mini training course on Getting your Voice Heard, where you and your team will learn some techniques on how to change your tone of voice to put yourself forward and market yourself and your ideas. Key communication styles, particularly the OOF and DESC models, will be visited to improve your assertiveness and overcome situations when you don't feel heard. It will also touch on various response styles and how to balance empathy and assertiveness to maintain a harmonious conversation with other people.

This assertiveness training course is divided into four lessons, delivered in a microlearning format for higher impact learning. It's absolutely free to use for anyone who wants to develop and enhance their assertiveness and become a person who is heard, respected, and valued at work.

Using EdApp's cloud-based SCORM authoring tool, you can edit and customize this course as you see fit. Just pick from over 80 microlearning templates that best suit your content and you'll have beautiful and engaging lessons in minutes. There's no need for any coding background or instructional design skills to use this tool.

  • Cost: Free
  • Scope: Techniques to be more assertive, the OOF and DESC models, different response styles

Created by EdApp

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EdApp Assertiveness Training Course - Speaking with Confidence

Assertiveness Training #2 - Speaking with Confidence

Speaking with confidence can be thought of as a first step toward becoming more assertive at work. If you can relay your words with conviction, the people around you will begin to see you as a credible and trustworthy figure in your area of knowledge. But maybe you're having trouble speaking confidently in front of others? Look no further as EdApp’s Speaking Confidence will give you some tips and tricks on how to hold better and more fluid conversations with people, as well as eliminate any verbal fillers that prevent you from speaking confidently. This course will also show you how to start and lead a masterful conversation with your colleagues, supervisors, or anybody else with whom you engage on a daily basis.

What’s great about this free elearning resource is that it contains a variety of interactive elements, such as gamification, audio narration, and short video clips, to make learning more fun and engaging. You can take and complete your course at your own pace, anytime and anywhere, using your laptop or even mobile device. 

  • Cost: Free
  • Scope: Tips to hold better conversations, verbal fillers, secrets to lead a masterful conversation

Created by EdApp

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AMA Assertiveness Training Course - Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness Training #3 - Assertiveness Training

AMA’s Assertiveness Training is another training course to consider if you want to acquire the necessary skills to interact more effectively and confidently with the people throughout your organization. Here, you'll be introduced to different behavioral styles, techniques to improve your self-esteem and self respect, and appropriate ways to show assertion in common workplace situations. It will also guide you through a 5-step model on how you can deal with conflict at all levels of the organization, as well as how to handle and provide constructive feedback.  

For this course, AMA adopted a blended learning approach, combining instructor-led training with online pre-and post-seminar assessments and digital resources for higher learning retention. Just a quick heads up that this course can be pretty costly, especially for non-AMA members.

  • Cost: $2,345.00 USD
  • Scope: Different behavioral styles, techniques to improve your self-esteem, appropriate assertiveness at work, conflict resolution, dealing with feedback

Created by AMA

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SkillShare Assertiveness Training Course - Being Assertive in Appropriate Ways

Assertiveness Training #4 - Being Assertive in Appropriate Ways

SkillShare’s Being Assertive in Appropriate Ways course will help you build your assertiveness through a series of short video lessons and hands-on projects. This course examines the three basic types of behaviors – aggressive, passive, and assertive – as well as how to balance the first two to achieve perfect assertiveness. It will also provide you with some strategies and techniques for saying no and dealing with other people's negative reactions to your assertiveness. This way, you’d be able to maintain a healthier and honest relationship with them. 

Good news for busy bees like you, you can now take your assertiveness training on the go with the Skillshare app. Just make sure you're signed up for their monthly subscription to gain unlimited access since this course is only free for the first 7 days.

  • Cost: Free (within a 14-day trial period)
  • Scope: Different behaviors, assertiveness methods and techniques, ways to say no, dealing with negative responses

Created by SkillShare

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Skillpath Assertiveness Training Course - Assertive Communication Skills

Assertiveness Training #5 - Assertive Communication Skills

In this Skillpath course, you’ll get a fresh take on solving communication problems, so your assertiveness will not result in messed-up interpersonal interactions. You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of the three “V’s” of communication — visual, vocal, and verbal – to help you steer clear of any miscommunication and ensure that your messages and negotiation are as clear and honest as possible. This course, while it only contains the basic concepts about assertiveness, isn’t exactly free. Unfortunately, you will have to pay $99.00 USD to gain access to its 90-minute program for one year. 

  • Cost: $99 USD
  • Scope: Solving communication barriers, the three “V’s” of communication, assertive techniques

Created by Skillpath

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Mandatory Training Group Assertiveness Training Course - Assertiveness and Self-Confidence

Assertiveness Training #6 - Assertiveness and Self

Mandatory Training Group has put together its assertiveness training course Assertiveness and Self-Confidence to help anyone who wants to boost their self-confidence and express themselves confidently but appropriately. This course kicks off by defining what assertiveness and self-confidence each mean, generally and personally. It also outlines some common communication hurdles that may be hindering you from behaving assertively, followed by some tips to overcome them. This course ends with a helpful guide on how you can cope and deal with difficult behaviors that don’t agree with your assertiveness. 

Upon completion, learners are required to take and complete an online course assessment to check their learning progress. Those who get a pass mark of at least 80% will be granted a free Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificate.

  • Cost: £19.99 including VAT
  • Scope: Definition of assertiveness and self-confidence, communication obstacles, coping techniques, dealing with difficult behavior

Created by Mandatory Training Group

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University of Waterloo Assertiveness Training Course - Get Assertive!

Assertiveness Training #7 - Get Assertive!

This confidence building course by the University of Waterloo unpacks the secrets how to assert yourself in all aspects of life, from home to workplace, and with your friends and family. Here, you’ll learn some specific verbal and nonverbal communication techniques and phrases, and assertive body language that will help increase your confidence and stand firm about your opinions and beliefs. It will also help identify some of your hidden self-canceling thoughts, and how you can replace them with a positive inner script. 

This course comes 100% online, although just a quick heads up that it’s quite longer than most of the courses on this list. You will need at least 6 weeks to complete your lessons, followed by a 2-week period for the final exam. Successful completion will gain you a shareable and printable course certification from the University of Waterloo. 

  • Cost: $190 USD plus applicable tax
  • Scope: Acting assertively in different situations, verbal techniques and phrases, assertive body language, overcoming self-canceling thoughts

Created by University of Waterloo

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Alison Assertiveness Training Course - Building Your Confidence and Working Ethically

Assertiveness Training #8 - Building Your Confidence and Working Ethically

Alison is a learning platform that offers this Building Your Confidence and Working Ethically course for free. This assertiveness training course outlines the basics of communicating with body language. It also provides a deeper understanding of self-confidence and ways to be assertive. The course wraps up with a discussion on ethics in the workplace and by the end of the course, your learners will be able to check their knowledge and understanding with an assessment test. A minimum score of 80 percent is required for successful course completion. While the course is available for free, official certificates are only available for purchase.

  • Cost: Free
  • Scope: Body language basics, assertiveness and self-confidence, business ethics

Created by Alison

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Silicon Beach Training Assertiveness Training Course -  Assertiveness Training and Confidence Building

Assertiveness Training #9 - Assertiveness Training and Confidence Building

Assertiveness Training and Confidence Building is a personal development course by Silicon Beach Training. This assertiveness training course is intended to provide learners with practical advice and techniques in building confidence and developing an assertive approach for different workplace situations. It begins by discussing different behavior styles and ways to assess one’s own behaviors. Then, it further dives into handling difficult situations and establishes ways to apply an assertive approach, especially in different workplace situations. The online training delivery of this course is suitable for self-paced learning which includes access to the online portal, mock exams, course exams, and completion certificates. The course can be completed in one day, but 90-day access is given upon purchase.

  • Cost: £325 EUR (Online training option)
  • Scope: Understanding styles and behaviors, handling difficult situations, and applying assertive techniques

Created by Silicon Beach Training

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EdApp Assertiveness Training Course - Effective Communication

Assertiveness Training #10 - Effective Communication

The Effective Communication course offered by EdApp recognizes the importance of improving communication skills when speaking to an audience – personally or virtually. This public speaking training course goes over topics, such as revamping communication skills, speaking publicly and effectively, and connecting virtually while still maintaining a personal connection. Through this public speaking training course, you and your employees will turn into better communicators who drive action among an audience, whether in person or online setting. 

EdApp is a personalized learning platform that provides social learning features that allow learners to share their ideas on any lesson slide. You can use this to practice your communication skills and gather feedback. 

  • Cost: Free 
  • Scope: Improving communication skills when speaking, revamping communication skills, public speaking techniques, connecting virtually

Created by EdApp

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Develop and nurture your self-confidence with assertiveness training courses

Assertiveness is a vital communication skill that allows you to express and stand up for your rights and beliefs, without trampling on or undermining others. When acting assertively, you're positive about your own needs, goals, and interests. You know how to find the middle point between being overly passive or aggressive, and maintaining boundaries by confidently saying yes and no. Most importantly, you take the initiative to ensure that your views are communicated and heard by everyone involved while remaining respectful at all times. Because assertiveness fosters mutual respect, it helps you build stronger and healthier relationships with the people you interact with all the time. While it’s not always easy to show the right assertive behavior, this skill can be practiced and learned over time. Our list above consists of some of the highly recommended assertiveness training courses that can help you and your team develop assertiveness and nurture self-confidence at work and in other aspects of your lives. 

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