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10 Active Shooter Training Courses

We've compiled a list of active shooter training courses intended to help improve your employees’ preparedness for active shooter incidents. Some of the topics covered include response strategies during a shooting attack, lockdown procedures, psychological first aid, and more. Scroll down to learn more. 

Active Shooter Training Courses
Last published: 6th September 2023
EdApp Active Shooter Training Courses - Active Shooter Response and Preparedness Course

1. Active Shooter Response and Preparedness Course

While the likelihood of active shooter attacks is deemed rare, it remains crucial for employees of any industry to be aware and prepared for this type of emergency. Corporate LMS EdApp has put together a short shooter training called Active Shooter Response and Preparedness Course, which sheds light on the importance of preparation, prevention, and immediate response for active shooting events. This course kicks off by providing context about active shooter attacks, such as the estimated number of wounded people and casualties every year and places at high risk of shooting. The succeeding lessons will discuss the response strategy, “Run, Hide, Defend”, and how your employees should act and respond at least until law enforcement arrives on the scene. This course also emphasizes the importance of developing an emergency action plan and outlines several measures to mitigate potential risks, increase employee vigilance, and make sure they can identify potential threats like gunfire and terrorism.

This active shooter training course has been designed with interactive templates, games, and quizzes to make it more dynamic and fun to take. Such strategy reduces the mental barriers to learning new information, increasing completion rates and the likelihood of knowledge retention.

Cost: Free


  • What you need to know about Active Shooter
  • Run, Hide, Defend response strategy
  • Emergency action plan
  • Employee Vigilance

Created By EdApp

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EdApp Active Shooter Training Courses - Active Shooter | School Full Lockdown Refresher Course

2. Active Shooter | School Full Lockdown Refresher Course

EdApp's Active Shooter | School Full Lockdown Refresher is an active shooting training course that focuses on increasing awareness and preparedness in the event of such violent attacks on school grounds. It goes over the step-by-step procedure for full lockdown, from locking the doors to hiding and waiting quietly until first responders arrive. Your trainees will learn some important tips to remember in order to ensure their safety and those around them in this type emergency situation. What’s great about this active shooter training for businesses is that it also touches on the psychological consequences of active shooter drills in the workplace, emergency medical aid, alongside psychological first aid, and ways to process emotions from such traumatic experiences.

Embracing the potential of mobile learning, EdApp's active shooter training courses can be taken on any smartphone device. The responsive design of this elearning authoring platform ensures that learners get the best learning experience possible anytime and anywhere.

Cost: Free


  • Lockdown procedure
  • Safety tips in an active shooter attack
  • Lockdown Drill psychological first aid

Created by EdApp

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J.J. Keller Training Active Shooter Training Courses - Active Shooter Training / Active Threat Training

3. Active Shooter Training / Active Threat Training

This active shooter training course by J.J. Keller was primarily designed to help employees in any industry survive an active shooter event. It begins with an overview of shooting incidents, warning signs and indicators of workplace violence, and how to detect the presence of an active threat. The second part of this course is more focused on the best course of action to take if confronted with a workplace shooting, which includes assessing the situation and avoiding the threat by denying the active shooter access. It also explains in detail what is active shooter training and what victims can do once any first-responder or enforcers arrive on the scene. This course can be rolled out in a course format, although you may also opt for a video program.

Cost: Available upon request


  • Introduction to shooting incidents
  • Workplace violence signs and Indicators
  • Responding to an active shooter situation

Created by J.J. Keller Training

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eSafety Active Shooter Training Courses - Active Shooter Awareness Training

4. Active Shooter Awareness Training

Training software eSafety developed this active shooter training course to address the increasing incidents of shooting around the world. It also aims on improving assertiveness and vigilance against shooting incidents. This course discusses common active shooter behavior and trends to help your employees in recognizing and reporting a threat early on. The other half of this course focuses on the response actions to follow to survive an active shooter incident, which includes escaping, hiding, and fighting if needed. Learners will also be trained on how to make informed life-saving decisions in such violent events. 

Cost: Available upon request


  • Common active shooter behavior and trends
  • Escaping, hiding, and fighting during an active shooter event
  • Making informed life-saving decisions

Created by eSafety

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A.L.I.V.E. Active Shooter Training Courses - The Accelerated A.L.I.V.E. Active Shooter Survival Training Course

5. The Accelerated A.L.I.V.E. Active Shooter Survival Training Course

The Accelerated A.L.I.V.E. Active Shooter Survival Training Course by A.L.I.V.E. is essential for anyone seeking to learn how to recognize and respond to acts of violence, specifically an active shooter attack. This active shooter training course covers the concept of an active shooter, attack statistics over the years, and why the first 10 minutes are critical for survival. The most important aspect of this training would be its lessons on the 5 life-saving steps that are developed by none other than the A.L.I.V.E. professionals. By enrolling your team in this course, they will get a series of case studies and videos, practical exercises, as well as life-saving resources that can be downloaded for easy reference. 

Cost: $29 USD


  • Active shooter definition and statistics
  • Responding in 10 minutes
  • The 5 life-saving steps of A.L.I.V.E.

Created by A.L.I.V.E.

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Traliant Active Shooter Training Courses - Active Shooter Training

6. Active Shooter Training

If you want to ensure that your employees are fully equipped with adequate knowledge and skills to respond properly to an active shooter event, then you might also want to check this active shooter drill by Traliant. It’s a 20-minute stand-alone course that teaches different behaviors indicating potential violence and primary types of active shooter situations. It goes over the step-by-step process of preparing and responding to a shooting event, as well as the importance of situational awareness or knowing where they are and where they’re supposed to be during this unfortunate event. This course also emphasizes the role of managers and trainers, the police department, and law enforcement in public-safety.

Cost: Available upon request


  • Behaviors indicating potential violence
  • Types of active shooter situations
  • Responding to shooting
  • Situational awareness

Created by Traliant

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UNDSS Active Shooter Training Courses - Preparing and Responding to Active Shooter Incidents

7. Preparing and Responding to Active Shooter Incidents

Preparing and Responding to Active Shooter Incidents by UNDSS provides your employees and managers with sufficient information on how to prepare and respond to active shooter events. It goes over survival strategies that have been proven to be the most effective in keeping everyone and the people around them safe during such violent attacks caused by firearms. Perfect for busy bees out there, it will take them less than 20 minutes to build their awareness and learn vital skills on how to deal with shooting. Additional resources like brochures, pocket cards, and posters will also be provided upon enrollment.

Cost: Available upon request


  • Active shooter definition
  • Preparing for active shooter incidents
  • Active shooter response guide

Created by UNDSS

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Framingham State University Active Shooter Training Courses - Active Shooter Training

8. Active Shooter Training

Active shooter attacks can evolve quickly, and the key to surviving such violent events is ample preparation, which can be achieved through this active shooter training course by Framingham State University. This 45-minute training video teaches your employees the right actions to take when confronted with an active shooter. It walks them through the most common indicators of potential workplace violence and how to respond immediately to prevent it from occurring. Toward the end of this training, your trainees will also learn about the aftereffects of an active shooter incident and how to deal with and manage them as they go about their lives. 

Cost: Available upon request


  • Actions to take when confronted with an active shooter
  • Potential workplace violence indicators
  • Managing consequences of active shooter incidents

Created by Framingham State University

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GardaWorld Active Shooter Training Courses - Active Shooter Awareness Training

9. Active Shooter Awareness Training

Active Shooter Awareness Training by GardaWorld can help build your employees’ situational awareness and vigilance in such a violent situation and improve their survival and response skills. Here, they’ll learn how to apply the “Run-Hide-Fight” strategy, which is deemed one of the most effective ways to survive a shooting attack. Your team will also be taught how to recognize the profile of an active shooter, identify potential security breaches, and communicate vital information when seeking help from emergency services and homeland-security. This course lasts about two and a half hours, and those who successfully complete it will receive a personalized certificate.

Cost: $89.95 USD + tax


  • Run-Hide-Fight strategy
  • How to recognize an active shooter profile
  • Security breaches
  • Communicating with emergency services

Created by GardaWorld

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Compliance Training Group Active Shooter Training Courses - Workplace Active Shooter Training

10. Workplace Active Shooter Training

This course by Compliance Training Group is one that you can use for corporate training to prepare workers for one of the most violent incidents that can happen in the workplace. Among the topics included are active shooter incident identification, self-protection tips, emergency management, and training drills. It also emphasizes the importance of vulnerability assessment or knowing vulnerable access points and the most effective hiding places and escape routes. What’s great about this course is that it’s created by military veterans and law enforcement groups, giving you peace of mind knowing that the information provided is credible and reliable. 

Cost: Available upon request


  • Active shooter Incident identification
  • Self-protection tips
  • Training drills
  • Vulnerability assessment

Created by Compliance Training Group

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Adopt a survival mindset with active shooter training courses

Active shooter events are highly unpredictable and can occur at any time and in any location. There's no pattern or method to the selection of its victims – it could happen in closed corporate offices, open sites, hospitals, or even schools. With this in mind, employees, regardless of the industry, should be aware and prepared with a survival mindset to prevent such a situation from escalating further and minimize the potential damages it may cause. Active shooter training courses can help equip your team with the knowledge needed to recognize signs of potential violence and deal with the situation at least until first responders arrive on the scene. Some courses also go through the steps of conducting security checks in facilities to prevent this incident from happening in the first place. Raising your employees' awareness and preparedness for an active shooter event can make a substantial difference in protecting not only their own lives but also the lives of others.

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