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10 Corporate Leadership Training Courses

We’ve put together a list of the most relevant corporate leadership training courses to help new, aspiring, and even seasoned leaders develop and improve their leadership skills and thrive in their leadership roles. Some of the topics covered here include leadership styles and strategies, leadership theories, inclusive communication, and more. Explore our list below to learn more.

Corporate Leadership Training Courses
Last published: 6th March 2023
EdApp Corporate Leadership Training Course -  Leadership Strategy

Corporate Leadership Training Courses #1 - Leadership Strategy

In this ever-evolving landscape, it is highly beneficial for corporate leaders to think and act strategically to maintain consistency in their path to success, albeit facing any unforeseen changes. Through this EdApp corporate leadership training course, leaders will be able to delve deeper into the core elements and purpose of leadership strategy, and the importance of strategic transformation and improvement for an organization to continuously grow. It also discusses the key qualities and skills of strategic leaders as well as what sets them apart from traditional leaders. What’s noteworthy about this course is that the topic areas are backed with real-life examples for higher impact learning. It also includes a short guide on how leaders can reframe their leadership strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Structured in bite-sized chunks, this course can be easily completed in just minutes, not days, or weeks. And since the information is distributed in short bursts, it will be easily absorbed and retained by your leaders. This corporate leadership training course is free and ready to deploy anytime needed.

Cost: Free

Scope: Core elements and purpose of leadership strategy, the importance of leadership strategy and organizational transformation, qualities of a strategic leader, adapting leadership strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic

Created by EdApp

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EdApp - Corporate Leadership Training Course - Leadership and Coaching/Management Styles

Corporate Leadership Training Courses #2 - Leadership and Coaching/Management Styles

Having a clear grasp of different leadership styles can help leaders discover their strengths and weaknesses to develop their own management approach and become the person their team members truly respect and genuinely want to follow. With this EdApp course, team leaders will be able to explore the characteristics of the 6 most common leadership styles and, at the same time, identify in which category they fall as a leader. It also includes a quick guide on how leaders can apply each leadership style and identify the most effective approach in different work situations. For those who are still a little lost in the field and figuring out their way to successful leadership, this course provides a step-by-step guide on approaching this responsibility from the mindset of a coach.

As it comes fully editable, feel free to use EdApp’s rapid authoring tool to modify its content and edit its format, or even apply the Canva integration to add high-quality and visually appealing images. You can also put your organization's logo and branding format to build a more customized learning experience for your team leaders. 

Cost: Free

Scope: Leadership styles, leadership theory, implementing different leadership styles, identifying effective leadership approaches, developing leadership skills as a coach

Created by EdApp

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EdApp Corporate Leadership Training Course - Beginning to Lead a High-Performing Team

Corporate Leadership Training Courses #3 - Beginning to Lead a High

EdApp’s Beginning to Lead a High-Performing Team microlearning course is designed specifically for leaders who recently landed their first leadership role. This course talks about the qualities that make a high-performing team and how leaders can step up their game to produce one. It also covers essential leadership training topics such as the SMART framework, value accountability, radical candor, and the famous leadership shadow, all of which are vital to achieving stability in their role and ensuring effective leadership within their organization. To avoid any sort of confusion, differences between management and leadership are likewise discussed, as well as where they may overlap. This will help your leaders focus on their key responsibilities and avoid rifts with their managers. 

The content of this corporate training video course is delivered in bite-sized modules, combined with gamified quizzes for higher learning engagement. If you prefer, you can activate EdApp’s leaderboards and reward system to encourage further your learners into completing this course. 

Cost: Free

Scope: Qualities of a high-performing team, SMART framework, value accountability, radical candor, the leadership shadow, management and leadership

Created by EdApp

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FutureLearn Corporate Leadership Training Course - International Leadership Skills for the Workplace

Corporate Leadership Training Courses #4 - International Leadership Skills for the Workplace

The primary objective of this FutureLearn course is to help every new and potential leader gain a strong understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader and grow their skills to manage their organizations effectively. Across five courses, they’ll learn different leadership theories in an international context and how they can apply them within their organizations. It also examines the importance of organizational culture, ethical, and charismatic leadership in managing and leading teams from all over the world, as well as the role of leaders in culture design and management. At the end of this course, learners will be given complete leadership questionnaires to help them identify their personal leadership capabilities and boost them using various reflective models. 

Although this course isn't free, learners will be able to earn a shareable course certificate upon competition. It is also 100% online and can be completed at their leisure.

Cost: $39 USD per month

Scope: Leadership theories and principles, culture design and management, ethical leadership, reflective models

Created by FutureLearn

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Alison Corporate Leadership Training Course - Transformational Leadership

Corporate Leadership Training Courses #5 - Transformational Leadership

Unlike most corporate leadership training programs, which are mostly based on old belief systems, Alison’s Transformational Leadership course focuses on cutting-edge tools, tips, and strategies to boost leadership. It aims to help modern leaders effectively lead the new millennium and produce impressive results day after day. Among the leader skills and leadership traits they are expected to learn, include dealing with staff issues, improving their relationship with their team, and influencing them to be task oriented and as effective as they can be. This course will also unveil old misconceptions about leading a team, and replace them with new, empowering beliefs and values that every modern leader can adapt to excel in their roles. 

This Alison course is free for anyone who wants to upgrade their leadership skills and leave the traditional styles behind. Paid certificates are optional, but those who decide not to purchase will still receive a Learner Achievement Verification, which can be accessed via Alison’s Dashboard. 

Cost: Free

Scope: Cutting-edge transformational leadership tools, tips, and strategies, improving relationships with teams, misconceptions about leadership

Created by Alison

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EdApp Corporate Leadership Training Course - Managing Leadership Stress

Corporate Leadership Training Courses #6 - Managing Leadership Stress

With so many responsibilities resting on their shoulders, leaders are usually under a lot of pressure and stress. Help them improve the way they cope and handle their leadership stress with this corporate leadership training by Edapp. It's divided into three lessons, with the first section discussing the most common triggers for stress. As every team’s epitome of success, some leaders are struggling to accept and address workplace stress. This course can help them identify pressing mental health issues that they could be suffering from, and help them gain power and control over how they can respond to those. Meanwhile, the second section focuses on the practical ways on how they can manage leadership stress and anxiety before it affects their personal well-being. It then wraps up with a lesson emphasizing the importance of mindfulness in helping leaders maintain a stress-free workplace and improve their daily performance.

All EdApp courses, including this leadership development program, are accessible through smartphones and tablets. This provides learners the ultimate flexibility to decide when and where they want to access or complete their lessons. 

Cost: Free

Scope: Triggers for work stress, managing stress and anxiety, mindfulness in the workplace

Created by EdApp

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edX Corporate Leadership Training Course - Leading With Effective Communication (Inclusive Leadership Training)

Corporate Leadership Training Courses #7 - Leading With Effective Communication (Inclusive Leadership Training)

In this edX course, leaders will be able to learn more about inclusive communication and how this process can help them effectively share their messages with their team members and interpret them correctly. It will also unpack the inclusive leadership mindset—Empowerment, Accountability, Courage, and Humility— and guide your leaders on how they can adapt them to enhance their dialogue processes. As they go through this course, they will also learn some leadership tips and strategies on how they can overcome everyday communication roadblocks and express themselves authentically and confidently. 

The content of this course will be delivered through a series of lectures, combined with quizzes and compelling case studies, ensuring higher learning outcomes. Upon completion, learners are expected to discover their own communication strengths and apply all the strategies they've learned to build effective and more meaningful relationships with their team members.

Cost: Free

Scope: Inclusive communication, inclusive leadership mindset, overcoming communication roadblocks, expressing authentic self

Created by edX

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Coursera Corporate Leadership Training Course - Managing Social and Human Capital

Corporate Leadership Training Courses #8 - Managing Social and Human Capital

Hosted on Coursera, The Wharton School’s Managing Social and Human Capital course is designed to provide leaders with knowledge in handling and leading employees. This corporate leadership training tackles employee motivation and the role of rewards. It also covers distributing tasks based on strengths, managing decisions, and modifying organizational architecture when the current setup no longer works. Through this course, every learner will develop skills that can help them become a good leader for their teams. 

This Coursera course is offered 100% online with flexible deadlines. Meaning, learners are free to learn at their own pace, and in accordance with their most convenient schedule. 

Cost: Free

Scope: Employee motivation, role of rewards, distributing tasks, managing decisions, modifying organizational architecture

Created by Coursera

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EdApp Corporate Leadership Training Course - Building and Maintaining Trust

Corporate Leadership Training Courses #9 - Building and Maintaining Trust

Building and maintaining a culture of trust can help you drive better teamwork and collaboration in your workplace. After all, employees who have strong faith in their leaders are more likely to give their all at work and reach a common goal. In this EdApp’s manager soft skills course, you’ll get to know the key elements that make a leader trustworthy in the eyes of their subordinates, alongside some tips on how trust can be maintained from a leadership perspective. For those planning to adopt a blended workforce, it also contains a helpful guide on building and maintaining a trusting relationship with your people, despite this challenging work setup. 

At the end of this course, there will be a series of situational quizzes to improve your knowledge retention. For a more fun and exciting learning experience, they are delivered through game formats, like matching words, true or false, missing words, the classic multiple-choice, and more.  

Cost: Free 

Scope: The elements of trust, maintaining trust as a leader, building trust in a blended workforce

Created by EdApp

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EdApp Corporate Leadership Training Course - How to be a Passionate Leader

Corporate Leadership Training Courses #10 - How to be a Passionate Leader

The mission of this EdApp course is to help leaders become a positive influence on their team members and inspire them to perform better in their jobs. It starts with a lesson highlighting the significance of personal passion and how it attracts and inspires employees to perform better. It also emphasizes the importance of being outspoken with your beliefs and following them through with your behavior and actions. Another key concept discussed in this course is the importance of building trust and harmonious relationships with your employees and how they can gain their loyalty and commitment.

Like all EdApp’s free courses for adults, lessons are delivered in bite-size to stay true to their micro elearning platform. It also contains a gamified quiz at the end of the lesson to find out how much the learners have learned so far.

Cost: Free

Scope: Project manager traits, techniques and methods used by most successful managers

Created by EdApp

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Foster a stronger sense of leadership with corporate leadership training

You don't have to be a genius to realize that if you want to push your company forward, you'll need a strong set of team leaders. In better words, you need someone who can effectively lead and manage the rest of your employees, and most importantly, inspire them to meet and exceed your company’s goals. While it comes naturally for some, corporate leadership can be learned and honed over time. Corporate leadership training is a great way to help strengthen and develop the leadership and management skills of your organization’s potential and new leaders, even your seasoned managers and supervisors. Moreover, it's also a perfect tool to get them ready for greater responsibilities, so they can successfully lead your company with confidence. Unsure where to start? Take advantage of our list of corporate leadership training courses and use it as a guide to finding topics and courses that you can include in your training or workshop initiative.

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