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12 Cashier Simulation Training Courses

We’ve come up with a list of cashier simulation training courses to equip your teams with the knowledge and skills they need to provide a quality shopping experience. These courses were designed to help cashiers carry out their day-to-day tasks efficiently while providing a pleasant customer experience.

Last published: 6th November 2022
EdApp Cashier Simulation Training Course - Payment Security (for Cashiers)

1. Payment Security (for Cashiers)

EdApp’s Payment Security is the perfect course for new cashiers or those who need a refresher on the procedures that come with the job. It gives an overview of the different payment methods that are widely used by businesses, such as credit/debit cards, NFC, Apple Pay, and Square. This course then proceeds to teach learners how to process payments using those methods and they’ll also learn about the technology behind these payment systems. As it’s important that cashiers have the proper knowledge to detect any suspicious activity to protect the store, this course will also tackle how to spot suspicious behavior, scamming, and skimming.

EdApp’s courses are fully editable and customizable which means that you can easily add information that’s specific to your business needs. It’s yours to rebrand and design as you see fit using EdApp’s drag-and-drop authoring tool. You can also use any of EdApp’s 80+ templates to aid you with different ways of presenting concepts to your teams. All these can be done in just a few clicks and without any technical or designer background.

  • Cost: Free
  • Scope: Types of payment methods, retail POS software & terminals, how to process cash and card payments, signs of suspicious behavior

Created By EdApp

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EdApp Cashier Simulation Training Course - Creating a Positive Customer Experience

2. Creating a Positive Customer Experience

Being a cashier means that you have to interact with customers on a daily basis. That being said, it’s essential to provide them with good customer service to turn them into returning customers and to help spread the good word about your business. EdApp’s Creating a Positive Customer Experience course explores different ways to boost customer satisfaction and keep consumers happy. It starts by giving real-world scenarios to show the impact of good customer service on the customer experience. It then teaches learners simple and unique ways to impress and engage customers. They’ll also learn how to leverage communication techniques, such as using meaningful topics for small talk.

This course consists of four bite-sized lessons making it quick and easy to complete. With microlearning, concepts are broken down into easily digestible chunks delivered in short bursts, which means that they’re easier to understand and remember. This course is also perfectly formatted on any device so your busy employees can take it conveniently on their mobile devices anytime and anywhere.

  • Cost: Free
  • Scope: Customer service’s role in customer experience, impressing customers, communication techniques

Created by EdApp

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NCEC Academy Cashier Simulation Training Course - Cashier Essential Skills

3. Cashier Essential Skills

The Cashier Essential Skills course was designed to equip cashiers with the knowledge and skills to become effective in their roles. Here, they’ll learn multiple skills to carry out their jobs which entail communication, math, and time management. Some of the skills they’ll learn are using a cash register, credit card processing, calculating taxes, writing invoices, and providing clear information to customers. Each lesson ends with a knowledge check to assess how much they’ve learned as they progress. This course is free to take but learners will have to purchase an accredited certificate of completion.

  • Cost: Free
  • Scope: How to use cash registers, calculating taxes, communication skills, time management, mobile pos

Created by NCEC Academy

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GMC Training Institute Cashier Simulation Training Course - Cashier Training Program

4. Cashier Training Program

If you want a multimodal learning approach for your employee training, GMC Training Institute has got you covered. Their program includes hands-on instructions and real-time practicum experience to put learners’ knowledge into action. Among the topics discussed in this course are basic cashier skills, such as cash register operations, basic math, check-out procedures, and money management. This is a very comprehensive course that goes beyond cashier training as it also discusses other relevant topics, such as safety procedures, retail sale techniques, and business etiquette. Learners will need to allot 40-100 hours for this training which is the time it takes to complete this course.

  • Cost: Contact GMC Training Institute for pricing
  • Scope: How to use cash registers, basic math, sales techniques, store & merchant procedures

Created by GMC Training Institute

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Coursera Cashier Simulation Training Course - The Future of Payment Technologies

5. The Future of Payment Technologies

As technology is constantly evolving, cashiers must also keep up with the new payment technologies that businesses and consumers use for purchasing. This cashier simulation training course by Coursera is one of the best training programs to get learners acquainted with the operation of modern payment systems and their entrance to the current payment ecosystem. This course starts with an introduction to financial technology, or fintech, and compares it with traditional payment processing for perspective. It then discusses fintech innovations, such as digital wallets and credit cards, and examines their strengths and weaknesses. Learners will also discover other payment technologies in emerging markets, such as M-Pesa which is used in countries like Kenya, Tanzania, and Egypt.

  • Cost: Free
  • Scope: Introduction to fintech, digital wallets, credit card innovations, payment technology in emerging markets, contactless transaction

Created by Coursera

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Educate24 Cashier Simulation Training Course - Cashier And Retail Assistant

6. Cashier And Retail Assistant

Educate24 has created an impressive course that will teach retail employees about basic principles and skills related to cashier and general retail assistant responsibilities. This course is made up of six chapters that will educate learners about basic retail operating procedures, store security, and workstation maintenance. It also touches on soft skills training, with topics on interpersonal skills, customer care, and professional work ethics. As a heads up, this course is presented through 300-500 word articles that are meant to be read daily, which may be tedious for learners who aren’t keen on reading long lines of text.

  • Cost: R799
  • Scope: Store operating procedures, store security, basic interpersonal skills, customer service, employee management

Created by Educate24

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Summit Cashier Simulation Training Course - Casino Cashier Training

7. Casino Cashier Training

Being a cashier in a casino isn’t your standard retail cashier job which is why it’s crucial that the appropriate training is provided to employees. This course by Summit helps prepare aspiring casino cashiers by teaching them skills specific to the role, such as processing slots & table transactions and operating a chip, cash, and coin float. Since a casino is an establishment that needs to have stringent security measures, learners will also gain knowledge on how to maintain security within a gaming environment. This course will also teach them basic cashier skills such as processing payments and operating and maintaining cashier equipment.

  • Cost: Contact Summit for pricing
  • Scope: Operating and maintaining cashiering equipment, processing slots & table transactions, workplace security

Created by Summit

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Douglas College Cashier Simulation Training Course - Cashiering Applications

8. Cashiering Applications

This cashier simulation training course teaches learners the essential skills they must have on the job, such as basic math concepts, point of sale system (POS) usage, merchandise stocking, and product identification & barcode matching. This course will enable them to apply their learning through pre and post-assessments that will test their basic calculator and computer skills. If you’re looking to deploy this course to your teams, do take note that two corequisite courses must be taken simultaneously which may not be practical if your teams don’t need them.

  • Cost: Contact Douglas College for pricing
  • Scope: Basic math, stock and inventory procedures, calculator skills, POS usage, loyalty program & receipt

Created by Douglas College

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Ululo Technologies Cashier Simulation Training Course - Cashier Training

9. Cashier Training

Ululo’s Cashier Training course is geared towards developing proficient cashiers who can also provide excellent customer service. This course is divided into two sections, wherein the first part navigates through cashier skills, while the second section focuses on customer service. In the first part, learners will learn all about product knowledge, basic math, point of sale systems (POS), and basic computer knowledge. After learning job-specific knowledge, the second section will touch on communication skills, work ethics, dispute resolution, and telephone etiquette.

  • Cost: R250
  • Scope: Top cashier skills & proficiencies, basic math, POS, customer service basics, interpersonal communication

Created by Ululo Technologies

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Higher Education Training Service Cashier Simulation Training Course - The Cashiering Professional Certificate

10. The Cashiering Professional Certificate

This certification course was created for cashiers or any job that involves payment processing. Through audio sessions with a synced presentation, it teaches learners basic cashiering knowledge, cash handling, and payment processing. Here, they’ll learn how to balance the cash drawer, process various forms of payments, and understand calculations. It also acquaints learners with the must-have skills of a cashier, such as customer service, stress management, and problem-solving. To pass this course, you’ll need to achieve a score of 80% or higher on each assessment.

  • Cost: US $299
  • Scope: Basic cashiering functions, cash handling, customer service skills, payment processing

Created by Higher Education Training Service

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Works 4 U Cashier Simulation Training Course - Cash Handling 3 Days

11. Cash Handling 3 Days

For people who need to use POS systems and computerized cash registers, this course is a great option. Here, learners will be familiar with fundamental processes including barcode scanning and change calculation. The use of EFTPOS and electronic cash registers will also be taught, along with theoretical and practical skills. Since Windows is the operating system used by all POS systems, there's also a tutorial on using basic computer skills. This course has a predetermined timetable and is not self-paced.

  • Cost: 520 USD
  • Scope: Barcode scanning, PC basics, electronic cash register usage

Created by Works 4 You

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OSG Cashier Simulation Training Course - Cash Handling in the Workplace

12. Cash Handling in the Workplace

Employees who handle big sums of cash greatly benefit from knowing the basics of working safely with cash from this course. It talks about the risks in the workplace and who are the persons at risk. It offers advice and best practices, like using a safe, preventing theft, and more. It also covers the rules about cash handling. Here, students will also learn how to manage cash in a variety of situations, including when driving and working alone. A combination of interactive quizzes and video lectures is used to teach this course. It is accessible on PCs and the majority of mobile browsers.

  • Cost: 25 USD
  • Scope: Risks of cash handling, cash handling rules, cash handling situations

Created by OSG

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