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Top 10 Workplace Safety Training


February 18, 2021



10 Workplace safety training courses

Did you know that in 2019, there were almost 3 million workplace injuries and illnesses were reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics? These estimates from the Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses stress the importance of workplace safety training software. Given the potential hazards in your industry, employees need to be well versed in staying safe, avoiding violations,  be compliant with OSHA and OSHA standards, and knowing how to respond if there is an incident.

The following ten courses are a great starting point to help facilitate a safer work environment for everyone. All the courses are safety programs that are completely free, editable and ready for your to share with your teams, all of which can be found in EdApp’s library of world-class courses.

1. New Hire Safety Orientation

In 2018, there were over 19 million workers employed in the United States under the age of 24 which is only one reason why the New Hire Safety Orientation course is so important.  While this is not the only target group for this training program, it is sure to provide a much-needed preview of occupational health and safety procedures.  An understanding of who is responsible for occupational safety, health administation, ergonomic importance, and how everyone has a part to play are only some of the key points made in this popular EdApp course.

Best Safety Training - New Hire Safety Orientation

2. Fire Safety

Do your employees know what to do in the event of a fire? This Fire Safety course provides a protocol for fire safety on the job. Since the courses are fully editable, you have the ability to easily tailor and include your workspaces’ particular layouts like photos, floorplans, and even working conditions. This is also especially  important in enclosed spaces where lockout tagout plans are also provided. The lessons provided here could be instrumental in saving someone’s life. With a useful acronym, trainees will understand how RACE is useful in responding to a fire.

Workplace safety training course #2 – Fire Safety

3. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Construction

Staying safe in the workplace requires knowing how to manage the risks associated with hazards like slips, accidents. Knowing the right attire is equally important, and this is where the Proper Protective Equipment for Construction course shines. While each business may have varying risks associated with this aspect of workplace safety, this course will provide some basic tips to help employees understand the significance of these potential hazards to avoid fatality.

Workplace Safety Training Course - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Construction

4. Safe Use of Machinery

The Safe Use of Machinery course is designed to arm you and your teams with employee safety and a vital safety program if you’re using machinery. Every industry has its own unique situations that present hazards and this course covers the most used machinery tools to help minimize risk and fatalities. With relevant examples and key statistics such as the one shown below, employees will complete this course with vital safety-at-work takeaways to help maintain safety when using power tools.

Safety Training Course - Safe Use of Machinery

5. Managing Risk

Contributed by Risk Factor in EdApp’s editable course library, Managing Risk provides vital information about the risk management process which has undeniable benefits, including the power of implementing OSHA regulations from the start. Trainees will receive important details about the scope, context, and criteria included in risk management. With this course, you can easily create a safety management system. Simply edit, brand, and personalize this course to fit your organization’s needs then deploy to your teams within minutes.

Safety Course - Managing Risk

6. Dealing with Difficult Customers

Safety in the workplace looks differently in a bar versus a grocery store. Perhaps managing difficult situations and people isn’t the most obvious choice for safety management courses, but knowing how to Deal with Difficult Customers is equally valuable for safety culture. Enable your teams with the knowledge on how to safely and confidently deal with any situation to minimize workplace violence, risk, and more. Like all the other courses with health and safety topics in this list, it’s completely free and fully editable.

Workplace Safety Course - Dealing with Difficult Customers

7. Ladder Safety

Since ladders are found in retail spaces, construction worksites, and other industry settings, the Ladder Safety course is valuable for any workplace. This course details a pre-use check and other relevant safety issues that may otherwise go overlooked because they are simply not at the forefront. Complete with relevant examples, this course can highlight the importance of workplace safety even in common situations that are all too often skipped and also serve as a refresher.

Safety Training In The Workplace - Ladder Safety

8. Pallets, Racks, and Stacking Safety

The Pallets, Racks and Stacking Safety course is a must for all workplace safety. With a focus on enforcing guidelines, inspections, and load limits, your teams will have a better understanding of the hazardous factors associated with this type of work.  Awareness is a key component of prevention and protection in the workplace and this editable course collection is relevant for a wide range of workplaces including warehouses, loading docks, retail, and more.

Work Safety Training - Pallets, Racks, and Stacking Safety

9. Chemical Storage and Handling

The Chemical Storage and Handling course is editable and ready for you to tailor to your needs. If you or your teams are exposed to chemicals in the workplace, they can have devastating effects and health implication if not handling properly. Ensure your employees can confidently deal with chemicals by minimizing risk and knowing how to prevent toxic chemicals from entering their body. This detailed course covers storage, handling, and step-by-step checks.

Workplace Safety Course - Chemical Storage and Handling

10. Electrical Safety

The Electrical Safety course is perfect for any team to learn the basics. This course will teach your teams the difference in consideration between energized and de-energized work. Understand electrical circuits, lines, and systems and learn how to spot health hazards. The Electrical Safety course also covers first aid and electrical accidents so that if an work related emergency happens, it can be handled responsibly and calmly and in accordance with safety compliance.

Training 4 Safety - Electrical Safety

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