Why Use Mobile Learning

Why Use Mobile Learning?

Why Use Mobile Learning? In our fast-paced world, learners are working remotely and using mobile devices daily. Smartphones are ubiquitous go-to devices for a wide variety of reasons, including checking email, staying connected, entertaining oneself, taking pictures and learning about the latest news. When we are debating something with a friend or just interested in whether or not to wear a coat, we use our phones to Google the answer or get the weather forecast.

This is why mobile learning is a fast growing market which can help to speed up the learning process, make learning more accessible and save money on knowledge transfer. Smartphones are not expensive and this provides users with less expensive ways of getting the knowledge they need. Plus, it provides businesses with a less expensive way to train their employees.

Flexibility Leads to Quicker Learning

The use of mobile devices allows companies to reach their employees no matter where they are which increases the overall flexibility of the learning program. It allows people to work around their busy schedules. The easy accessibility and the fact that people aren’t necessarily tied to a desk make it a great way to get people interacting with their learning more frequently. Mobile learning allows for consistent access to the process of learning. It allows the learner to choose where and when they want to learn and make it work within their schedule gets it done faster.

Ideal Method for Performance Support and Training

Mobile learning provides a way to deliver information bursts for performance support and training. The training and support is easily accessible, which makes people more apt to do the training in their free time. They can jump on their phone while on their lunch break or home for the night. With mobile learning, employees are able to easily access their learning platform while waiting in line at the grocery store or doctor’s office.

Access to More Information

One of the best reasons to use mobile learning is because it allows for access to more information, which can reach individuals with different learning methods. Learning can incorporate videos, audio files, text and more. When you can, incorporate a video into the learning to make learning more enjoyable and interactive.

Mobile learning is an effective way of transferring knowledge because it is easy to access, provides more information and is effective. We use our Smartphones all day long, so we might as well be using them to gain more knowledge, provide our employees with knowledge to help them improve their work performance, and transfer key pieces of information.

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