What You Should Set As Your Ultimate Goal For Your Company's Success

What You Should Set As Your Ultimate Goal For Your Company’s Success

It is essential to effectively train your employees for well-informed and effective workforce. Successful companies all over the world retain a secret about how to do achieve this, with their ultimate goal being to master microlearning.

You may have heard about it, seen it, or even tried it but if you don’t already know, microlearning is the answer to all of your training strategy woes.

We’ve rounded up the best reasons you should set the mastery of microlearning as your company’s ultimate goal for success.

1. Boosts employee engagement in training

Strong employee engagement in training is pivotal to employees’ understanding of business processes and product information. Microlearning inevitably boosts engagement through its ‘addictive’ properties, such as gamification. Unique features attract learners to their course content, increasing the rates of both the number of learners and the volume of content that is learnt.

2. Provides a well-informed workforce

The more employees know, they better they perform. This is why a well-informed workforce is essential for optimal productivity and success of the company. Regardless of industry, roles or responsibilities, it is impossible for employees to know too much. It is pivotal to prioritise ample training for employees, making it easy with microlearning. Microlearning lies on the basis of providing vital information in short bursts to learners, whereby they are able to absorb more information in a shorter period of time. Microlearning carefully curates course content to suit the needs, preferences and capabilities of employees, making a careful effort to avoid cognitive overload. When learners are overloaded with information, they tend to forget prior knowledge or experience effects of the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve.

3. Creates a stronger and enhanced company brand

Microlearning allows for training to be purely dedicated to your company and employees. This is enabled by personal branding and theming being applicable to courseware through the use of personalized authoring tools. Modern LMS’s that offer good authoring tools provide users with vast libraries filled with ready-made, responsive and aesthetic templates. All that is required by you is the importation of company content and organizational branding.

4. Allows for the achievement of organisational goals and objectives

Providing employees with specific goals and objectives for the organisation has a direct effect on their productivity and performance in the workplace. When designing these goals, it is pivotal to find a middle ground between too difficult and facile. Making them achievable drives employees without burning them out and becoming disheartened. Goals and objectives also provide a clear path for employees to work along, making their journey smooth sailing and prepared for. Microlearning provides them to employees in the form of badges, point scores and star bars. Employees are able to work towards their achievements, meaning increased engagement and knowledge.

5. Provides better organisational communication throughout the company

Organisational communication is essential for optimal functionality and dynamism of the company. Clear communication amongst employees is essential for the successful and useful collaboration throughout the organisation. Organisations like these tend to be more successful and get more done throughout the day. This is also due to increased and encourage knowledge-sharing in the workplace, meaning that employees are knowledgable in more areas than their own. Microlearning fosters effective organisational communication through the bonding of colleagues in their healthily competitive environment.

6. Builds a cohesive, collaborative workplace

A cohesive workplace is also important for the combination of perspectives and an interdisciplinary approach to challenges and tasks at hand. The building of solutions comprised of various ideas and expertise is pivotal for innovative and successful responses to potential obstacles or presented challenges. Collaboration is facilitated by the practice of microlearning as employees are educated in various areas, preparing them for fusing myriad ideas.

7. Employees’ wellbeing is inevitably supported and boosted

The light shed on wellbeing in the workplace has dramatically increased in recent years. Mental and physical health is just important for employees’ productivity as their training. Microlearning reinforces this through training programs based on wellbeing and mindfulness, as well as gamification breaking barriers which enables learners to be willing to complete more training.


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