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What Will Shape The Future Of Workplace Learning?


August 29, 2019



What Will Shape The Future Of Workplace Learning?

Workplace learning methodology is fluid and ever-changing, meaning that organizations around the world must keep up with shifts, trends and changes. The future of our workforce is dependent upon various internal and external factors. 

In the midst of our digital age, technological advancements are constantly developing and becoming ‘the norm’. Reshaping the workforce is pivotal to suit these changes, driven by the emergence of modern tech.

1. Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Automation and AI are two of the key drivers change in workplace learning. They will essentially assist in the acceleration of changes in workforce skill requirements. In multiple jobs and over various industries, technological skills are in high demand. AI cements this trend as technology is relied upon for the successful execution of more and more processes. However, many jobs have been, and are still in the process of, becoming redundant due to the takeover of technology. This is why it is pivotal to keep up-to-date with technological and employment trends, to make sure jobs are still relevant and that employees can be successful.

2. Wider Dispersion of Employees

Distributed workforces are becoming increasingly popular today, meaning that measures must be taken to provide the most effective training strategy. In order to effectively manage a dispersed workforce, mobile learning is a primary strategy in the creation of an ideal training strategy. Dispersed employees means that training must be accessible from various locations and at various times. Especially for globally distributed workforces, it is pivotal to make mobile learning accessible at all times.

3. Data-Based Decisions

Basing decisions off of accurate and relevant data is the most effective way to improve employee learning. Knowing employees’ areas of weakness and potential gaps in learning is essential for the increased growth and strength of employees’ knowledge. Data-based decisions can be achieved and attained through the use of a good microlearning authoring tool. Good microlearning LMS’s, like EdApp, provide users with data which can be used for intricate assessment of the progress of employees. EdApp offers data-driven authoring to users, whereby authors will be able to see live usage data associated with each different template in Ed’s unique library. This gives users the ability to construct course material based on real data insights derived from the entire EdApp community. Learn more about Ed’s data driven authoring tool and machine learning.


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