Snapchat for company training

What Snapchat Teaches Us About Microlearning

Snapchat has been grabbing the eye of marketing professionals, technology creators, analysts and psychologists alike. Usage of the five-year-old mobile messaging service has rapidly escalated with the platform now reporting 7 billion video views a day.

Let’s have a look at the elements that make Snapchat so successful and how they can apply to your learning.

Snapchat and Microlearning

Long-winded is a foreign concept to Snapchat. Everything created, shared or consumed on the platform is concise, short and quick. Users, particularly Millennials, not only prefer content delivered to them like this: they expect it.

Snapchat delivers short bursts of visual content, limited to 10 seconds. AdWeek suggests this is largely where Snapchat’s success stems from, earning their status as “The King of Millennial Micro-Moments.”

Snapchat Stories may condense information too heavily to be an effective delivery platform for microlearning. However, if you can keep your courses inline with how your audience consumes digital content for enjoyment, completion and digestion rates will rise. By breaking down your lesson material into bite-sized chunks, you can ensure knowledge is transferred in a manageable and appealing way for today’s learners. Not only that, we know microlearning is clinically proven to provide better knowledge retention.

On Demand and Spontaneous

At work employees now spend more time on their devices than on a PC and according to an IDC Research Report, iPhone and Android users aged 18-44 have their smartphones with them 22 hours a day.

Having this unprecedented access to a device and ‘always on’ mentality allows platforms like Snapchat to enjoy multiple engagements over the course of a day, because the device is always at hand and seconds away from engaging content.

Likewise if learning is just as accessible with learners simply picking up their phone and rapidly completing a lesson we put ourselves in the best possible position to take advantage of this behaviour . Whether it is during the commute to work or waiting in line for coffee, tapping into the daily micro-moments of your users provides a great opportunity to increase course completion rates and avoid disruptions to your employee’s workflow.

Like Snapchat, Ed content can be consumed when and where it’s convenient for the user.

Encourages Engagement

Everyday, Snapchat hosts five times as many posts as Instagram despite having a quarter of the user base. Because the app only lets you create a short video or one-line photo annotations, the process is simple, quick and natural.

Ed too, demands minimal time investment from its users. Learners are more likely to complete a short game on Ed than sit through a 45 min lesson.

In a similar fashion to Snapchat, microlearning presents few barriers to course completion, delivering bite-sized lessons that can be completed at a time convenient to the learner.

Extremely Visual Based

Snapchat’s video and imagery is extremely easy to consume, even at a rapid pace. Although the social media platform utilises some text, its heavy reliance on visual content is Snapchat’s foundation to success. A picture can really be worth a thousand words. Why read through lengthy text when you can get the same message from a short video or infographic in half the time?

Ed’s rapid authoring tools mean that adding video and visual aids to your lessons has never been easier. Simply copy a YouTube link to insert video content, upload directly or utilize one of our many visual based templates, to increase appeal and engagement rate with your users.

Made for Mobile

When product designer and Snapchat Chief Executive Evan Spiegel launched Snapchat, his deviation from the traditional horizontal mode of video viewing was judged as a risky one. But with more than 100 million users a day, Snapchat’s acceptance is forcing competitors and advertisers to reconsider video formats as well.

Spiegel’s decision was made with user experience at the forefront. Mobile users are comfortable reading emails, scrolling through photos and now watching videos without rotating their phones. Users are also less likely to switch out of video content when delivered vertically.

[Vertical video ads have up to nine times more complete views than horizontal video ads.](

Ed has also been created with a mobile centric intuitive design at its core. A mobile-first approach not only ensures it looks great on mobile, but also taps into smartphone technology that a PC cannot provide with such ease – such as gamification and push notifications.

Rapid and Relevant Content

Up to 8 times more 13 to 34 year-olds view Snapchat Live Stories over TV for similar events. TV production has become too slow in comparison with the relevant, in-the-moment content Snapchat Stories can deliver.

With a vast Template Library and built in authoring tools, Ed allows you to easily create lessons in the most efficient way possible. You can even make changes to lessons in the mobile LMS that are immediately reflected on your learners’ devices, providing you the means to deliver timely, relevant and up-to-date information to your learner’s fingertips in record time.


According to a study from the University of Michigan, Snapchat offers a rewarding interaction, making users happier than any other social media platform.

Snapchat’s success highlights how mobile users prefer digital content – convenient, visual and bite-sized.
With Ed, you can deliver relevant content to your users in a format that feels natural. Micro-learning not only produces better knowledge retention amongst your users, but as we have seen with Snapchat, bite-sized content on mobile devices increases engagement and completion rates.

By reflecting the behaviours that are facilitating Snapchat’s enormous growth, you can deliver learning courses in a way your learners enjoy and are accustomed to.

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