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What Makes a Good Content Authoring Tool?

Authoring tools are software programs used to make designing and creating mobile learning courses easy. You may wonder how good content authoring tools differ from other tools like PowerPoint. The difference is that good authoring tools incorporate interactive components to boost engagement and serve as effective microlearning modules.

Tailoring content training programs for each different person in their different role to a high standard is impossible. Good authoring tools incorporate gamification through microlearning modules, which offers intrinsic motivation to learners, through the facilitation of positive reinforcement, healthy competition and encouragement.

We believe good authoring tools are characterised by ease, capability, accessibility, efficiency and branding potentiality.

A good content authoring tool is easy

The ability to access an authoring tool with ease assists in productivity and lesson effectiveness. Not only is EdApp’s integrated authoring tool easy to manage, but also is most effective in creating and publishing good content. The tool is easy to learn and allows you to start building effective lessons straight away.

It has advanced capabilities

A responsive authoring tool is a good authoring tool. Looking beyond templates and interactivity, a good content authoring tool encompasses social-learning features, such as elements of gamification, interactive video and peer learning. Gamification is a powerful tool for onboarding staff as well as boosting employee performance in a multitude of different roles and departments.

Make content creation easily accessible

With EdApp’s authoring tool, you can author away wherever you are. You are given complete access to an entire library filled with functional and aesthetic templates. The easy accessibility to and use of our authoring tool means that it is a tool designed for everyone, meaning you don’t have to rely on knitting together a lot of third party tools.

Authoring tools should be efficient

The time between writing content and importing into microlearning modules, via an authoring tool, is instant. If that isn’t a huge advantage, we don’t know what is. Given that changes to content are inexorable, cloud-based authoring tools are the catalyst of production of effective content. Cloud-based tools mean that content is stored centrally and can be delivered to various users simultaneously.

Great authoring tools have branding capability

Incorporating your brand into microlearning training has never been easier with a good authoring tool. Opting for a tool with built-in, user-friendly templates is important for consistent branding and design flexibility. You are also able to easily import your brand assets and add custom styling to all of the templates that you use.


What’s the best authoring tool for good content?

If all of the above resonates and you’ve got to train a large, disparate group or workforce in the latest practices and policies of your organisation, get in touch at You can also try EdApp’s Mobile LMS and authoring tool for free by signing up here.


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