Future of mLearning

What is the Future of mLearning Authoring Tools?

What is ‘mLearning’ you ask? It stands for mobile learning, which goes hand in hand with the most hip LMS on the block; microlearning. We got our crystal ball out to see the future of mLearning authoring tools and it looks good. Okay maybe we didn’t, but what we do know for sure is that the future of mLearning authoring tools is bright and is becoming increasingly essential for corporate success.

What is mlearning?

Considering our Digital Revolution, Gen-Z’s and Millennials have basically grown up using mobile devices to connect with friends on a plethora of networks, it is paramount to consider how this impacts their learning. Consequently, mLearning has evolved into the future of employee training, complimenting their needs and networking strengths.

However, the rapid delivery of information on demand, through search engines such as Google and Bing, has resulted in decreased attention spans amongst the majority of employees in our workforce. In aid of this, the delivery of information in bite-sized chunks means learners absorb and retain a greater amount of knowledge, within a shorter period of time. It also caters to the rapid demand and delivery of instant information accessible today.

The ubiquitous nature of learning on mobile devices offers myriad benefits to learners, predominantly, learning on-demand at their own fingertips. The authoring tools that construct this ‘anytime learning’ also incorporate gaming elements for further engagement in course learning. Gamification means elements such as leaderboards, point scores and badges are implemented into microlearning modules for learners’ entertainment and long-term memory enhancement.

In the future, mLearning authoring tools will continuously thrive in corporate training, as companies continue to adopt mobile features in the workplace. Technological development constantly stimulates trends and changes in our everyday lives, meaning that our adoption of new technology is essential. Consequently, we can confidently say that mobile learning is the wave of the future.

Regardless of your industry, mLearning authoring tools prove to be successful in a range of disciplines, from retail assistants to doctors in training. mLearning authoring tools continue to provide us with the essential ingredient in our recipe for corporate success, and in the future this will only become more prevalent.

It’s time to make mobile learning the future of your training.


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