What Are the Advantages of Mobile Learning for Enterprise?

What Are the Advantages of Mobile Learning for Enterprise?

Mobile learning is beneficial to enterprises for myriad reasons, including increased completion rates, bite-sized delivery and knowledge retention. If you like the sound of those, you should see what else we have in store for you!

Strap in because we’ve provide you with the most prominent advantages of mobile learning to your enterprise.

Learn anytime, anywhere

Mobile learning means employees are able to progress through their training on their own accord, fitting into busy schedules and fast-paced lives. In light of this, learning flexibility eliminates training having to happen at a certain time and in a certain place. According to Ericsson‘s forecast in 2018, 80% of the world’s population are smartphone users. This means training must be catered to the needs and preferences of learners, which are now dictated by the use of mobile devices.

Bite-size delivery = faster learning

Digesting information in bite-sized chunks assists the brain in increased knowledge retention and avoids cognitive overload. This requires content to be concise and specific, drawing out the most relevant aspects of content, essential for employees to grasp and understand. Being in smaller chunks also allows information to be readily accessible on the job.

Increased knowledge retention and recall

Finding content relevant and relatable positively conditions employees to feel motivated to continue to learn. Learners are more likely to be able to remember information which is crisp and focused, being key to the basis of micro and mobile learning.

Personalised learning

Personalising content tailored to the needs to employees develops a stronger rapport with learners, meaning they feel motivated to engage in course content. This is a widely known advantage of micro and mobile learning, facilitating higher engagement and boosted productivity.

Responsive design for accessibility and easy editing

If you’re wondering what we mean by ‘responsive design’, we’re talking about the module’s dynamism in terms of its translation to various mobile devices. Responsive deign allows for the interface to mould to different devices – smartphone, laptop, tablet, you name it. Looking at this concept from the other end, it also makes it simple for employers to edit content which is instantly available to employees for immediate training, via our cloud-delivery system.


Want to know more about implementing mobile learning into your enterprise?

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